Here you can find free woodworking plans for the several types of wooden back massagers.

Among them are plans that consist only out of a few parts and they can be made in a very short time. Some of the plans require a little more work, because they consist out of a larger number of parts, but they are still very simple. When you manufacture it, you will get a very useful massage tool and you can use it at home, and whenever you feel the need for it. The wooden massager can also serve as a nice gift. The handle can be decorated with the chip carving – this will give an original mark to your massager. Wooden massager is a good gift, even if you plan to give it to yourself, because wood is the natural material and the wooden massager will be durable, always beautiful and stylish and it will not get damaged.


Wooden back massager plans
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for school classes and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint

104mm (4.09'') x 81mm (3.19'') x 375mm (14.76'')


The massage improves circulation and enables muscle relaxation. When someone has a back pain, doctor will recommend him a massage as one of the therapeutic measures, because it will help to quicken recovery process and ease the pain of the patient. It is usually recommended that the first few sessions – until the health condition improves – are performed by a professional masseuse. After that, the patient should continue with the self massage in order to maintain achieved results of the treatment. Back pain can occur not only when the back is injured, but also in otherwise healthy people. When back pain is a consequence of exhaustion and tension, it is not necessary to visit the doctor. It is enough to massage the back and the muscles will relax, the circulation will be improved and the pain will quickly ease up or disappear.

Our Wooden back massagers are 381mm (15in)  long and that length is enough for the self-massage, but they are also practical for massage by someone else. Massager consists out of a handle and the four wheels, located at the handle’s end, arranged in two rows. The wheels are turning during the massage, creating a pleasant feeling, and they do not cause unpleasant friction of the skin. The wooden back massager with balls has small balls in two rows added on its wheels, which additionally stimulate nerve endings along the spine, allowing the so-called deep massage.


Back massager with ribbed rollers
Back massager with ribbed rollers - Parts list
Back massager with ribbed rollers - Assembly drawing
Back massager with smooth rollers
Back massager with smooth rollers - Parts list
Back massager with smooth rollers - Assembly drawing
Back massager with balls
Back massager with balls - Parts list
Back massager with balls - Assembly drawing

Since the massagers come in direct contact with the body, it is very important to sand the wooden parts thoroughly after the finished cutting. The sanding has to be perfect, so it will be necessary to sand several times, using a variety of sandpapers with different grits. After the assemblage, you can do the finishing with lacquer or paint in several layers.

These massagers are designed primarily for the back self-massage, but they can be also used for the effective massage of other body parts such as legs, arms or neck. After a hard day at work, this wooden massager will provide enjoyment and relaxation, using just a little of your time and energy. A few moments of relaxation with the family or by the TV will be just enough for simultaneous massage of the painful parts of the body, and after that you will feel much more relaxed and comfortable.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan