Here you can download a plan for making a wooden ball massager, which can often be found under the name ‘4-legged ball massager’.

Wooden ball massager is designed for personal use at home or work to relieve you from tension in the lower back, to stimulate circulation and refresh your entire body. This massager is also great for calming the muscle knots, but it is most efficient as a wooden back massager. So, if you haven’t got a time to visit professional masseur, or you are working long hours sitting in office, a few minutes of self-massage with this practical massager will really subtract a lot of tension from your back and help you stretch and feel revitalized.


Wooden ball massager plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for school classes and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Sharp and quality hand tools
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint

116mm (4.56'') x 100mm (3.92'') x 90mm (3.54'')


The massager consists of a larger ball that is intended to be held in the hand and 4 smaller balls that are intended to massage i.e. to press. The balls are interconnected with dowels by gluing. As you can see in the picture, this gives the massager a construction that is practical to be hand-held, and massage is performed with a maximum of 4 balls at a time.

The construction of this massager is a little impractical to make because you need a lathe to make the balls. If you do not have a lathe, check on the Internet whether wooden balls of approximate diameter as given in our plan can be purchased. If you provide the balls, further making is very easy. Special care should be taken for the balls to be as smooth as possible, i.e., sand them with paper with the finest granulation possible, because the massaging with this massager is done by its pressing and pulling at the skin and muscles. If the massager is not smooth enough, small injuries can be caused.


Exploded view and parts list
Wooden ball massager - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Wooden ball massager - Assembly drawing

If you are engaged in the production of simple wooden objects and sell them at various fairs and exhibitions of handicrafts, this may be the right product for you! 

We recommend that you make this massager and try it out by giving yourself a massage. If you happen not to like it, there are also several different massager designs that you can make and try out (see the Massager Plans category on our site).


Download project in PDF file format
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan