Wooden curtain rods plans

Here are four plans that will help you make decorative wooden curtain rods. All the four curtain rods consist of the following basic parts: Curtain rod (other names: curtain pole, curtain dowel), rod ends (other names: finials, dowel caps, Wooden rod Caps), curtain rod supports (other names: curtain rod holders, wall fix brackets, wall brackets) and rings.

Wooden curtain rods plans

Wooden curtain rods plans (26 Pages, 756 Kb)

A curtain rod (part)  is a long wooden pole that you can make by using a Dowel maker or router table. On the internet you can also buy cheap curtain poles of various diameters and lengths, made of various types of  wood and prefinished in a large variety of stains and paints, or they can be purchased unfinished.

Finials, rings and brackets can be made on a lathe. To create these parts, you can take advantage of our drawings or you can accept the challenge to design them yourselves.

For curtain rods version 1, version 3 and version 4, the finials have a longitudinal hole through which they are pulled onto the pole, and there is also an option to make the finials without this hole and mount them onto the pole with dowel screws.
Wooden curtain rods plans - Parts lists, assembly drawings and exploded views

All the parts can be made of various types of wood: Walnut, cherry, maple, birch, oak, poplar, ash.

The pole length should be adjusted to your window. We recommend that the length of the pole is increased by 30 – 50 cm on each side of the window.

The curtain pole may be smaller in diameter and depends on the strength of wood to use. If you need a pole length greater than 2 m – 2.5 m, use an additional third bracket that you will put in the middle.

Curtain rods can be wall or ceiling mount (with proper anchors).