We present you the 3-legged (tripod) folding fishing stool plan for all the nature and fishing lovers that would like to make it by themselves.

The fishermen simply love their hobby, they pay special attention when purchasing their equipment and they sometimes spend a small fortune on a things like the fishing pole, fishing flies, fishing vest...  Some of them forget that the fishing includes the search for a suitable fishing location, which can often be very far from the camp, and all that equipment has to be worn on their backs. The fishing usually includes staying for hours at one location and it is not the same whether we are standing or sitting during that time. Based on those facts, we can easily conclude that the folding fishing stool should be the one of the most important items when getting the fishing equipment.


Fishing folding stool plan
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Whether you make or buy a fishing stool, you have to pay attention to some conditions that make a good fishing stool:

  • The fishing stool will be most frequently used for sitting, so it is very important that it is sturdy enough to withstand your weight.
  • The fishing stool will have a pretty rough usage, so the structure must be simple, durable and resistant to moisture, sun and water.
  • Since you will carry it in your bag or in a car, it will have to fold and it should occupy as little space as possible.
  • You will often spend a lot of time looking for a suitable fishing location, so your fishing stool should be light.
  • Since you will be sitting for quite a long time, your fishing stool has to be comfortable.

If your fishing stool meets these requirements, it will be also suitable for use during various outdoor activities like camping, picnic, or if you like the bird watching, nature photography, etc.


Exploded view and parts list
Fishing folding stool - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Fishing folding stool - Assembly drawing

The modern fishing stools are usually made out of aluminum and nylon and can have different shapes, size and price. Although sometimes you think they are not expensive, the old saying you get what you pay for is quite true, so your cheap stool model will not last for long and you will probably be forced to look for some rock to sit on it in the middle of fishing. This does not mean that you have to buy some expensive fishing stool, because there is a simple way to get a quality fishing stool without buying it – you can make it according to our plan.

This plan was made based on the old fishing stool that lasted for years and was frequently used for the fishing and camping, also it was often used in the backyard. This fishing stool showed as a great and quality thing during its use and anyone who will make it will be very satisfied, because it will last for years and it will be faithful companion during your visits to nature.


Finished fishing folding stool

Finished fishing folding stool


You can make the Legs out of the various types of wood, but you have to pay the attention, that the wood you choose has a good bending strength and that it is firm enough to endure the pressure, so the screws that are holding the leather seat will stay firmly fixed. There is another thing regarding the wood - be sure that it does not have any knots, because the stool will eventually break on that spot. We recommend you to choose some hard and durable hardwood, suitable for outdoor use. However, if you decide to use some less resistant wood, protect it with several coats of water-proof finish. Protect it with a finish at least once a year, because your fishing stool will be often exposed to a moisture and damp. When the stool is not in use, clean it from the dirt, wipe off the moisture, dry it thoroughly and then place it in a dry place. Only then the wood and leather will last for years. With the right choice of the wood and proper finish you will get great and long lasting stool.

Parts 4 and 7 are best to make out of some kind of firm and endurable leather. Since these parts are sewing together and the stitches have to be done neatly and precisely, our recommendation is to let this step do someone who already worked this before, or a professional craftsman.

Part 3 is mandatory, because it protects the seat ends from damaging.


Finished fishing folding stool
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Submitted by Ceh Jan