We present here the wooden handle roller massager plans, which you can make quickly and easily at the home workshop.

They consist out of a handle with four wooden wheels, which are turning during the massage providing a pleasant and equal pressure on all four points. Here you will find the three versions of the handle massager. Depending on what kind of the feeling you want to have during the massage, you can choose the one that has smooth surface of the wheels, that has ribbed wheels or the one that has wheels on which are two rows of balls for the deep massage. You can use it to massage the exposed skin or massage through the cloth. Since the wheels are turning, there is no unpleasant friction or injury to the skin during the massage.


Wooden handle massager plans
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for school classes and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint


Handle massager with ribbed rollers: 66mm (2.6'') x 78mm (3.07'') x 180mm (7.08'')

Handle massager with balls: 83.5mm (3.29'') x 84mm (3.31'') x 193mm (7.59'')

Handle massager with smooth rollers: 104mm (4.09'') x 78mm (3.07'') x 181mm (7.13'')


Massage is an ideal way to improve your circulation of the tissues, to eliminate fatigue, tension and muscle pain in a short period of time. In modern lifestyle, when the day is too short for all the things we planned to do and we often get very tired in the evening, even sleep can not remove the accumulated fatigue.  In these conditions, usually there is no time to book an appointment with a professional masseur. A little handheld massager can come handy in these situations to provide a pleasant self massage or for the massage of other family members in the moments of evening relaxation. The dimensions of our handle massagers are such that they can easily fit into a bag or drawer, so they are practical to keep them in the office or take it with you when traveling. 

This way, the massager can always be at hand if needed. This is especially convenient for the people that suffer from chronic joint pain or the neck muscles pain that usually occur from sudden movement or the draft. The wooden handle massager is suitable to massage any part of the body, because it is small and compact, and it can easily massage each part of the body which you can reach with your hands. Massagers made by our handle massager plans are also suitable for the athletes or as anti-cellulite massagers.


Handle massager with ribbed rollers
Handle massager with ribbed rollers - Parts list
Handle massager with balls
Handle massager with balls - Parts list
Handle massager with smooth rollers
Handle massager with smooth rollers - Parts list

You can make the wooden handle massager by our plans out of the different types of wood. Since the massagers are not big, you can use some wood that you have left in your workshop from some previous projects.

When making wooden handle massagers you should pay attention to do the perfect smooth sanding of all surfaces, because massager comes into direct contact with skin of the hands and the body parts that are being massaged, and if the sanding is not done perfectly, there is a high risk of injury from the splinters. We recommend using at least 3-4 sandpapers with different grits. Start sanding with the rough sandpaper and finish it with the finest one. To further reduce risk from the splinters, after the sanding we recommend a finish with several coats of varnish.  Before the next coat, always leave the previous coat to dry and treat all the bumps with fine sandpaper.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan