Machine design calculators

Design and Stress Analysis Calculators

- Design and Stress Analysis, etc. - located in DSGN 215
- Bolt Proof Loads
- Bolt ultimate load calculator
- Bolt (or rivet) stresses in an array caused by an offset load
- Buckling of a column
- Buckling of a column calculator
- Calculations and plots relating to four stroke internal combustion engines
- Clutch design calculator
- Fatigue - modified Goodman diagram
- Fracture mechanics - A semi-eliptical crack in a finite plate
- Journal bearing with hydrodynamic lubrication design
- Shaft diameter required to withstand bending moment and torque, Tresca and von Mises criteria
- Spring design / analysis
- Stress concentration factors - flat plate with a central hole
- Stress concentration factors - stepped shaft with shoulder
- Tilted Pad Thrust Bearing - Link to Java Applet that computes the load capacity and pressure distribution for a tilted pad thrust bearing
- Two dimensional stress analysis, Mohr circle and von Mises failure criterion

COMMEND Calculators

   - Compression Spring Design Calculator
   - Extension Spring Design Calculator
   - Spur Gear Design Calculator

Mechanical Engineering Calculators

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Machine design apps

THREAD Apps and Data...
- ACME Thread Designer App
- Screw Data Page
- METRIC Screw Data
- Set Screw Data Page
- Bolt Torque Chart
- Standard Tap Size Chart
- Drill Size Chart
- NPT Tap Size Chart
- Wrench Clearances

SPRING Apps...
- Spring Designer Program - Compression
- Spring Designer Program - Torsional
- Spring Designer Program - Wave

SEAL Apps and Data...
- O-ring Groove Designer Program (male gland)
- O-ring Data Page
- Shore Hardness Values Chart

Engineering Tools

Most of our really cool Engineering Tools are now web enabled! They are designed to help you get the most out of your computer. Save time in performing routine and repetitive calculations or determining technical dimensions and specifications when designing your products. Just click on the desired application, enter in your data and obtain the technical data you need!

- Gear Calculator
- Dimension Converter    
- Caliper Dimension Calculator    
- Anti-Backlash Force 
- Belt Length Calculator
- Ball Bearing Speed    
- Spur Gear Tooth Strength    
- Leadscrew Expected Life 
- Leadscrew Efficiency 
- Rack Measurement Over Wires (MOW) Calculator
- General Unit Conversion Utility
- Epicyclic Gear Train Study   



- Reliability engineering
- Failure modes of machine elements
- Fatigue failure prediction and prevention
- Rolling contact phenomena
- Friction phenomena in mechanical systems
- Wear mechanisms
- Material selection a systematic approach
- Lubricant selection and lubrication management
- Design of hydrodynamic bearings and sliders
- Performance and selection of sealing systems
- Design of hydrostatic bearings
- Design of aerostatic bearings
- Design of flexure mechanisms
- Bearings in high tech systems

Belt Sizer Calculators and Instructions

- Belt cross section calculator
- Belt length calculator
- Belt tension calculator

Horsepower calculator for spur gears and helical gears

(Lewis Formula with Barth Revision)  

  - Parts and Drawings
  - Request a Quote
  - Horsepower Calculator
  -  Ratio and Center Distance
  -  Spur Gears
  -  Helical Gears
  -  Worm Gears
  -  Change Gears
  -  Sprockets
  -  Timing Pulleys
  -  Gear Rack
  -  Bevel Gears
  -  Miter Gears
  -  Internal Gears

SKF Bearing Calculators

Rolling bearings
      Bearing life
      Equivalent bearing loads and basic rating life
      Minimum load
      Dynamic axial load carrying capacity of cylindrical roller bearings
      Frictional moment - power loss
      Relubrication intervals
      Grease life for sealed deep groove ball bearings
      Bearing frequencies
      Influence of load and oil viscosity on reference speed/permissible speed
      CARB, axial displacement - misalignment
      CARB, axial displacement - clearance
      CARB, free space on the sides of the bearing
      Shaft tolerances and resultant fits
      Housing tolerances and resultant fits
      SKF Bearing Select
      SKF DialSet
Plain bearings

      Spherical plain bearings and rod ends - Basic rating service life
      Frictional moment
      Composite dry sliding bearings - Basic rating service life

Bolt Weight Calculator

This calculator can be used as an aid to help estimate the weight of bolts, nuts, and washers.



- Structural Mechanics
- Beam Analysis
- 2D FEA
- Bolted Joint Analysis
- Bolt Pattern Force Distribution
- Lug Analysis
- Column Buckling
- Stress Concentration Factors
- Mohr's Circle
- Physical Properties
- Materials
- Cross Sections
- Unit Conversion
- Systems Engineering