Manufacturing calculators

Online Hardness Converter

ToolMatWeb's online Hardness Converter for engineering materials is only available to registered users. Enter the value you wish to convert, select a material type and hardness test from scales such as Brinnel, Knoop, Vickers, Rockwell A, B, or C, and press "Convert". The conversion is computed against numerical correlations based on empirical data.


Machining Calculators

Volume and Weight

- Material Usage
- Production Time
- Labor Cost
- Financing

Injection Molding
- Clamping Force
- Cooling Time
- Thermal Diffusivity

- Milling Speed and Feed
- Milling Horsepower
- Milling Step-over Distance
- Drilling Speed and Feed
- Drilling Horsepower
- Drill Size Chart
- Tap Size Chart
- Turning Speed and Feed
- Turning Horsepower
- Turning Surface Roughness

Sheet Metal
- Bend Allowance
- Bending Springback
- V-Bending Force
- Wipe Bending Force
- Deep Drawing Force

Press Calculators

Conway Press is pleased to provide you with the following online calculators for use with hydraulic presses. Feel free to use these calculators with no strings attached! 

- Use the Hole Punch calculator to compute the approximate tonnage to punch holes in a variety of metal types and thicknesses.
- Use the Press Stroke calculator to determine the theoretical strokes per minute when using any of the Conway Press C-Series hydraulic presses.

Die Tooling Calculators

- Punch Load Calculator
- Punch Terminology
- Die Spring Terminology
- Die Clearance Calculator
- Determining Die Clearance
- Conversion Calculator

Tap Drill Size JavaScript Calculator

   - General Formula (65% - 75% Thread)
   - American Unified Thread Form
   - American National Thread Form
   - ISO Metric Threads
   - Cold Form Tapping
   - Notes
        Calculating Nominal Diameter of a Number Screw
        Calculating Pitch
        Calculating Threads per Inch