This is a collection of patterns, designs and ornaments featuring various bird species as their main or secondary motif.

Because of their ability to fly, people have always been fascinated by birds, giving them symbolic meanings, depicting deities associated with birds, using them as a decorative motif … Due to the frequent use of bird motifs in decorative art, in this collection of vector images we have selected all the ones depicting birds.


This is a useful collection of heraldic animal design elements drawn in a 2D CAD software and transformed into vector format.

 On this page you can download a silhouette collection of flying birds.


On this page you can download the Birds silhouette pattern.

In front of you is a zoomorphic Celtic frame pattern available for download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

In the free vector collection which you can download here, there are 34 birds stencils.

This is a large collection of Native American designs.The collection contains 76 designs that can be used in many ways in graphic projects as well as in handicraft.

This is a collection that contains 21 conventionalized peacock feather designs.

Black and white silhouette of a Crane. Free hand drawn vectorized silhouette that can be used as design element for various projects.

If you are engaged in embroidery craft and need a square-shaped tablecloth design (actually square-shaped border), you might like this one here that you can download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

Design for a music rest for a grand piano pattern (Messrs - Collard and Collard) originate from the book "Modern British domestic architecture and decoration" by Charles Holme, published in 1901.

On this page you can download vector pattern of a duck. Due to its simplicity, this vector pattern is suitable for decorating  in various techniques.

On this page you can download free pattern called Eagle marquetry pattern. Nice and simple stencil pattern.

On this page you can download a vector design of an eagle which was found in an old book.

Feeding the seagull silhouette was inspired by a photo taken during our ferry journey a while ago. Try to use it in any creative way possible.

On this page you can download a decorative design whose main motif is the Fenghuang bird. 

Here is a collection of 8 grotesque animal ornamental designs.

Download a pattern in the shape of the ibis bird, a sacred bird in ancient Egypt.

Have you noticed that old magazines are full of quality illustrations? Well, here you can download 4 nice ones discovered in the old French magazine "Cocorico".

On this page you can download the stencil pattern called "Japanese Stencil Plate".

Here you can download an Art Nouveau border. It has been discovered in an old typographic catalog, where it was named ‘Knickerbocker ornates’.

Here we present to you an elegant repeating pattern that we called nature-inspired repeating pattern.

This is a large collection of Ornaments with bird motifs. They  come from some images found in several old books, mostly depicting ceramic and glass objects.


On this page you can download a free silhouette vector in the shape of the parrot bird. The silhouette depicts a parrot sitting on a branch.


Here you can download a simple and free vector pattern of a parrot. In fact, it represents an intarsia pattern of the parrot.

On this page you can download two peacock designs drawn in stencil technique.

This is  a very simple pattern of a Phoenix bird based on an illustration from the old book 'Traditional methods of pattern designing; an introduction to the study of the decorative art' (published 1910).

The swirl line designs that you can download here for free come from an old German book on decorative art and are more than 100 years old.

Here you can download a hand-traced vector pattern of a calligraphy bird, originally created with off-hand flourishing technique.

On this page you can download 51 different weather vane silhouette designs, out of which you will definitely find your favorite in case you decide to make an interesting roof decoration for your house.