In this category we will be publishing a variety of interesting mathematical patterns, diagrams, curves etc.

Particular attention will be paid to the naturally occurring mathematical patterns in the world around us (fractals, Fibonacci numbers, Voronoi diagrams, tessellations,…), i.e. natural forms that can be explained by mathematical laws. If you have an idea for some interesting mathematical pattern or mathematical natural form, please send us your proposal and we will try to draw and publish it within this category.

All Mathematical 2D patterns are under Creative commons attribution licenses; depending on the license type, some patterns are only for personal use and some for commercial use as well. Before you make use of these patterns in your project, please check and observe the license that we have prescribed.

If you need Mathematical 3D surfaces, you can find them here: Mathematical 3D surfaces


Black and white vector portrait of the famous Greek mathematician, physicist, inventor, and astronomer Archimedes of Syracuse.

On this page you can download free Cairo pentagonal tiling pattern. Pentagons are not regular pentagons, their sides are different lengths.

This is a large collection of Voronoi diagrams that were parametrically generated using an algorithm in 2D CAD software.

Here you can download  Fibonacci number 2D patterns. All three of them are examples of integration of mathematics and nature.

Here lovers of parametric design can download patterns generated from random lines using an algorithm and 2D CAD software.

One of the frequently seen mathematical patterns in nature is the Voronoi pattern whose 4  variations can be downloaded on this page.