In this category you will find various ornaments, designs and patterns which all have something in common - some kind of scroll decorative element.

The term ‘scroll’ in art means a decorative element featuring spirals or circular elements that resemble spirals. There are several types of scroll decorative elements,; for example, design patterns that resemble old scroll paper are called scrolls, ornaments may have plant-scrolls, i.e., plant forms in the shape of a spiral that represent branches on which there may be leaves or buds. In various old books we have discovered that a border type, which was popular in the early 20th century, is called ‘scroll border’, or that some types of flourishes or arabesques are called ‘scroll work’. There are various forms of this decorative element, and this vector collection was created as an attempt to group all scroll-like ornaments and patterns from our site.


This is a collection of 7 Art Nouveau borders that were found in various vintage ads from old magazines.

In front of you is a very beautiful arch-shaped pattern, originally intended for marquetry wood panel decorating technique.

This elegant ornament comes from the cover of an old book, which is why we called it 'Book page decoration'.

On this page you can download a collection of 26 ribbons and scrolls. All of them have been found in old books.


On this page you can download a collection of 18 scroll banners.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 27 scroll designs.

Here you can download a large collection of 31 scroll line frames. They are very easy to draw, especially in 2D CAD or vector software.

Here we present to you a collection of 3 decorative line borders of rectangular shape.

The inlay table pattern that you can download here is found on a tabletop dating from the Middle Ages.

On this page you can download elegant round ornament in the Italian renaissance style.

On this page you can download the Italian renaissance square ornament whose appearance can be seen in the picture.

On this page you can download a design that consists of ornamental scrolls including a tangled spider's web.


This is a collection of four ornamental sign ends. All sign ends we found in an old book, and it's a shame to be forgotten on its pages.

On this page you can download an interesting vintage frame border of rectangular shape which we have descriptively called the page border with scrolls.

In front of you there are 6 simple rectangular ornaments, ready for download and use in your graphic or craft projects.

On this web page you can download a collection of 11 scroll banner designs.

Here you can download two very attractive scroll line borders designed to decorate horizontal rectangular surfaces.

This is a collection of scroll shields that we found in an old book. We can often see similar shields on various coats of arms.

This is a collection of Scroll style border designs drawn in a 2D CAD software and transformed into vector graphics.


Here you can download Spiral Hepta 2D Design. We drew it on the basis of a Celtic triskelion symbol.


If you need a vertical rectangular scroll frame border, here is one - more than 100 years old and called the ‘stylus border vector’.

Here you can download an elegant frame border descriptively named the Title page border in Art Nouveau style.

If you need to decorate a cover, invitation letter, pamphlet, and the like, maybe this title page border vector is the right solution for that.

On this page you can download 5 scroll line frame borders called vectorized Bowman borders, based on the caption in an old typographic catalog where they were found.

Here is a vectorized version of an ornament from the old book Intarsia and marquetry (by Jackson, F. Hamilton, Published 1903).

On this page you can download two frame borders named ‘vintage scroll vector borders’.

If you need attractive scroll border patterns with lots of details and decorations, these two here may fit your criteria.