In this vector collection, all lovers of old ornaments and heraldry can find patterns with a shield being either their main motif or a design element.

This collection mainly contains escutcheons (shield patterns used in heraldry for drawing coats of arms), cartouches (shield-shaped architectural decoration, edged with ornamental scrollwork), as well as all patterns where the shield appears as a design element.


Interlaced ornament with dragon motif. This carving ornament comes from Arts and crafts magazine, published in 1904. 

On this page you can download the collection of 'border designs' called Elizabethan cartouches.

This collection contains 36 shields which have been drawn on the basis of medieval coats of arms found in old books on heraldry.


The ornaments collection you see in the picture contains eight completely different ornaments that have only one thing in common – they all come from old books.

This is a collection of scroll shields that we found in an old book. We can often see similar shields on various coats of arms.