Anyone who is in need for some patterns suitable for making tiles or mosaics will be pleased to find here our selection of patterns designed for this purpose.

Tiles and mosaics can be made using various pattern types, and here you are given just a small selection of patterns that you can download from this website; if you think that this collection doesn’t fully satisfy your criteria, we recommend exploring other categories as well.


The image below shows the appearance of two decorative patterns that you can download here, which we called the Afghan ornamental tile patterns.

On this page you can download a collection of 16 Egyptian repeating patterns (mostly ceiling and wall decorations).

Here you can download 3 very simple square patterns that we called Designs for tessellated pavements.

On this page we present and offer to download a beautiful Moorish arabesque from the 13th century which we nemed  Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra.

If you need an Arabic geometric pattern for decorating, on this page we have provided one named Faience mosaic from Karatay Madrasa.

On this page you can download two patterns that we called Moorish glazed earthenware tile patterns.

The patterns that you can download here originate from Pompeii and Ancient Rome. A classic example of a tessellation pattern.

On this page you can download tessellation pattern that we simply called Repeating 2D pattern.

Here you can download a beautiful ornament descriptively named the repeating Arabic ornament.

If you need to decorate a large surface, repeating patterns are the perfect solution. Here we are presenting to you 4 repeating ornaments.

On this page you can download 6 patterns that we named Vectorized Moorish mosaics.