Video tutorials intended for anyone who wants to learn to model in FreeCAD. FreeCAD is a free 2D and 3D CAD program intended for designing parts and assemblies, making technical drawings, 3D printing, manufacturing on CNC machines, finite element analysis....


Sketcher workbench

Sketcher workbench - Drawing a slightly more complex sketch 


Part design workbench

Feature Based Modeling 


Part workbench

Part workbench - CSG (Constructive solid geometry) modelingBracelet modeling - FreeCAD tutorial



Table design using variables and spreadsheetCreating a non-constrained assembly in Freecad software


Non-English tutorials

Importing and modifying an SVG fileCreating a technical drawing in the Techdraw workbench



Practicing drawing a 2D sketch in the Sketcher work environmentFeature based modeling, 3D section,  save as image



Part design - Modeling of a prismatic partDrawing a slightly more complex sketch - Sketcher working environment



2D sketch constraints - Sketcher workbenchCSG - Constructive solid geometry



Part workbench - Slice apart, export 2D sketches in dxf format