Commercial ways to hang a shelf

There are a lot of types of hardware for supporting shelves that are found at the hardware stores and on the Internet. Here you can see only some of the most commonly used and easily accessible at your local hardware store or on the Internet (enter the following keywords into the search engine: shelf hardware, shelf brackets, shelf supports, shelf pins, etc.). Commercial hardware is not used for corner joints on furniture, i.e., as a connection between the sides and the top/bottom. For this purpose, woodworking joints are used.


- Shelf pins


Shelf pins


In the picture you can see several commercial variants of shelf pins (shelf pegs). There is a large number of different types of shelf pins (Reinforced support, Right angle support, Straight pin, Spoon pin...) which differ in shape, size, material and quality. They all allow the shelf to be adjustable if a series of matched holes is drilled. They have several drawbacks:
- they do not hold sides together, i.e., do not prevent sagging;
- in most cases they are made of low-quality plastic or metal;
- they are usually bought without a sleeve and are directly imprinted in the material; with no sleeve (or bushing), the material can be damaged over time, and the connection will become loose.

Shelf pins cannot withhold a heavy load on the shelf. If, however, the shelf is heavily loaded, it is necessary to use the sleeve.


- Metal shelf standards 


Metal shelf standards


Metal shelf standards (standard with clip) are stamped steel lengths or brackets, perforated to accept mounting screws and shelf support clips. 

Installation: run a pair of dadoes down each side and nail or screw shelf standards into place.

The disadvantages are that the shelf standards are not suitable for fine furniture because they are visible, and that they do not hold the sides together. The good features are that they are easy to install and adjustable. Metal shelf standards  does not prevent sagging.



- Angle Bracket


Shelf supported with angle bracket


There is a large number of angle brackets on the market that you can use to support shelves inside cabinets or on the wall. They are visible, but their good side is that they give firmness to the construction, keeping the sides together. They are easily installed using screws. However, it is pointless to talk about their decorativeness, since this is one of the least aesthetically pleasing shelf hanging methods.




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