Decorative ways to hang a shelf

When shelves and shelf supports get their turn while designing furniture, some of the most important criteria are: load capacity, appearance, adjustability, prevention of sagging ... Decorativeness of shelf supports in most cases is not important, but in case of open shelves, without any doors to hide them, their appearance can be considerably enhanced with decorative shelf supports. For this reason, you are presented here with decorative ways of how to join the shelves to the sides.


- Decorative ceat 


Decorative cleat shelf hanging method

Most commonly, the cleat is a square-edged strip and, as we have already mentioned this type of joint, which is not decorative in itself. If you add details like a chamfer, roundover or molded edge to the cleat, the cleat can partially decorate the structure, i.e., it also gets a decorative function. This is an independent hanging method, so it doesn’t have to be combined with other methods. 


- Scroll Saw shelf Support


Scroll saw shelf support


By using scroll saw technique you can cut out any shape from wood and attach it to the side and the front of the shelf bottom with dowels. This method serves only as a reinforcement and decoration, i.e., don’t use it independently, but together with another method such as dado, sliding dovetails, biscuit, etc. Scroll saw shelf support cannot be used with adjustable shelving systems. On our site there is a page where you can download a large number of patterns for scroll saw supports. 



- Creative decorative hanging methods


Creative shelf hanging methods

There are many more methods that you can see or design yourselves. It all depends on your creativity. Just take a look at the picture below, there is a very interesting decorative method that will surely attract the attention of many with their beauty and simplicity.




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