If you want to make a shelf, but have no clear idea what it should be like, why don’t you try making one from our collection (or at least use them to inspire you)!?

The term ‘shelf’ means a horizontal surface on which we can hold some objects. Shelves can be hung on the wall using brackets, placed inside cabinets between the sides, or stand on vertical supports. They are a very useful piece of furniture - they can be decorative, the items kept on them don’t get in your way and are in a visible place as well, they don’t take up much space hanging on the wall, and inside cabinets they divide space into multiple compartments. Another good features of shelves is that they are not complicated to produce, so they can be made by both beginners and amateurs, even in less equipped workshops. Due to the fact that shelves are among the most common furniture pieces in both private homes and workplaces, we have drawn several plans and offered them here to you.

- 29 ways to hang a shelf


On this page you can download a plan for making a simple yet effective 3 tier wall shelf made from a combination of wood and wrought iron.

If you like to make simple furniture for your house, then the book case in the picture could become an interesting woodworking project for you.

If you have a CNC laser cutting machine and want to make this fretwork corner shelf, on this page you can download all the necessary files for its production.

On this page you can download free laser cutting project for making a Scroll saw corner shelf.

Fans of scroll saw and laser cutting can find patterns on this page with which they can make uniquely beautiful and unusual wall shelf.

This is a plan for the making of a very simple wall shelf that you can make easily and quickly, even in a poorly-equipped workshop.

If you need a free woodworking plan to create a quality shelf, on this page we present one to help you build a wall shelf with a vintage look.

This is a free woodworking project for the making of a minimalist wall shelf with a secret compartments.

With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and cheap chandelier.