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This section is dedicated to all of you, who made some products by our plans, patterns and 3D models, and would like to share images of work with other fellow craftsmen that are visiting our website. This way you would motivate us to continue in our work and inspire other creative people to produce some beutiful and useful things.

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    -  used materials

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Thank you for posting the plans for the rocking airplane.  I used your plan with some modifications to build a couple of rocking toys to give as Christmas gifts for my nieces.   I modified several aspects of the plan, mainly to shrink the size of the rockers/wings. These things take up a lot of room.  Thanks again for the plans!


Finished rocking airplane

Ryan H. Melton

Source plan: Rocking airplane plan

These pictures are showing the final products made by children from elementary school in Ukraine on classes of technical education. We are glad to see that our plans are used for educational purposes.

Ukrainian kids - Classes of technical education

Ukrainian kids in school



How to use shaving horse (VIDEO). - Collin Riley Acoustic guitars

Source plan: Shaving horse plan


Shaving horse - How to use


Hi, I built my own CNC machine a couple of years back and added a laser cutting head just last year. I documented the build on my website so I know just how much time and effort you must have put into providing all the information, links and photo’s etc.

I attach a photo of “Che”, this was laser cut from your GIF drawing using two different veneers subsequently glued to a MDF backing and then fine sanded and matt varnished.

Ernesto Che Guevara - Laser cut
Best regards, Tweakie.
From; Southend-on-Sea. UK.

Source pattern: Ernesto Che Guevara pattern


Howard Smith, I live in Omaha, NE:

"Wanted to say thank you very much for the free patterns. I used a few with my scroll saw.  I have found your site very useful. Keep up the great work!  I read that you would enjoy seeing what we make with your projects.  Below is a Pic of what I've done.
Bed side table

The material I used was laminated aspen, I scrolled the patters out, stained them different colors and  glued them back together.  The dimensions of the table are 16x20x27."

Jasmin, Slovakia

I made this nice stool with my grandfather - well, he made it I painted :) It was fun and turned out very beautiful, so I wanted to share with you...

Finished stool - Jasmin from Slovakia
Source plan: Folding stool plan


Another great work from Tweakie

Hi again, I just felt compelled to laser cut your Papel Picado from 160gm paper and thought I would share the pictures. Best regards,
Papel picado - Laser cut on paper
Tweakie work on

Source pattern: Papel picado pattern


Swing built by his grand-father grampy_G from part of a free detailed design found on the Craftsmanspace website.

The airplane swing shown in this video clip is a simple modification of this FREE set of plans. The wings, propeller, and tail are to scale from the plan's patterns, but I dropped the rockers and hung the plane with strong chains attached to a frame above where the airplane swing operates...
Airplane swing toy
Mickael (2.5 yrs old) flys our John Deere swing (VIDEO) 

Source plan: Rocking airplane plan


For the construction of the easel, I spent six hours, but I did it in the first, so if you have at least some experience of what you can do it faster. Cost of materials of about $ 8. - Beam itself cuts, hooks and eyelet, the paint I had...
Hand made easel
Easel hand made (VIDEO)

Source plan: A frame tripod easel plan


Laser cutting can create intricate patterns in acrylic. Vector graphics file used comes from Craftsmanspace website
Acrylic laser cutting
Laser cutting (VIDEO)

Source pattern: Pegasus fretwork pattern


Hope you had a wonderful Holiday. I finished the plane on Saturday. Just in time for Christmas. My Great Nephew (and his Mom and Dad) loved it. Here are a few pictures. Thanks again for the help and advice. 


Rocking airplane made by Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan

Source plan: Rocking airplane plan


Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing your patterns
I am a pen craftsman, and on this occasion,  I used two of the Art Nouveau patterns as a mask while etching a brass pen I turned on the lathe.

Pen etching 1 by Brad Gothard  Pen etching 2 by Brad Gothard  Pen etching 3 by Brad Gothard  Pen etching 4 by Brad Gothard

Brad Gothard,

Project Description

Weight bench and plate holder built by 1st year welding student at North Idaho college to be used in the campus weight room.

Miller welding project
Miller welding project

Source plan: Olympic flat bench press with plate storage plan


Thanks for posting the rocking airplane plans. I used your plan with some modifications to mounting to allow the plane to be adjusted for height off the platform. I made this for my Grandson as a Chrismas gift. Thanks Again!
This plane was made from 3/4" thick pine. I used three(3) pieces of 3/4" pine for the body of the plane.
I modified the plane mount, using 7/8" dowels set into a 3" dowell. The 3" dowells were mounted with carriage bolts on the frame and on the plane's lower wing. This allows me to adjust the height of the plane off of the base as the child grows.

Rocking airplane chrismas gift
Joe Chafatelli

Just thought I would like to send you a photo of the biplane made from your plans on the website. Thanks for such detail plans they are great to work with and very have very good detail. The only addition I made was to add the under carriage to the design from the second biplane. Incidentally I am now making that one to half scale so that it can be hung from the ceiling.
Finished biplane toy project
Happy Christmas
Bill Benstead 


Colorful Canary: DIY Wooden Puzzle | Scrap Lumber Project

Finished knot puzzle project

Source plan: Wooden knot puzzle plan


I basically made a template out of some scraps and then batched these out. The first picture shows all the different shapes I made. I got the templates for the shapes from and drew them out on large sheets of drawing paper by hand...

Completed push stick projects

Lumberjocks woodworking forum - Push sticks

Source plan: Push sticks and push blocks plans


The hockey mans teeth are suspended behind the face and you knock them out with the kleenex bullets from the shooter. The bus and biplane come from where you can get quite a few pretty nice and better yet FREE project plans!

Completed kids toys projects

Lumberjocks woodworking forum Fun toy projects 

Sorce plan:  Simple toys on wheels plans

Source plan: Biplane kids toy plan


One day, I found a puzzle plan from Craftsmanspace website. It was a wooden puzzle project. 
I just have to turn it into a papercraft project so there it goes.
Completed pyramid puzzle project
Source plan: Pyramid puzzle plan


By Dave Gatton

Building a Rocking Baby Cradle Part One

Building a Rocking Baby Cradle Part Two

Completed rocking baby cradle project

Source plan: Rocking baby cradle plan


by Alexander Sorokin  (
I'm from Russia
I made it from pine-tree and birch
Thank you for this great plans! 

Finished wild west carriage project   Wild west carriage in garden

Hello Dear frinds!
Thank you for your website.
I decided to make a ship wheel and found in you resource excellent drawing. I was inspired, change some details and here that has turned 
by Надежда Кудряшова (
Photos of making:
Planks Handle turning Turning Finished part Sheep wheel - finished wooden parts Sheep wheel assemblage Sheep wheel - finished wooden assembly Metal turning Sheep wheel metal parts Sheep wheel finish Sheep wheel - finished project


Art nouveau flower cut from reclaimed Rimu. Finished with boiled linseed oil. 
7 cm x 5 cm or 3 x 2 inches approx.
Art nouveau flower - scroll saw

By Anthony

Wood panel made with the laser cutter. 

Source pattern: Vectorized fretwork panel

Finished vectorized fretwork panel
Here is a box that we have made with our laser cutter.
Source pattern: Scroll saw box
Finished scroll saw box