Ornament vectors - Rectangular shape

Surfaces of rectangular shape (panels) are the most common you will need to decorate. Therefore, we have created this category for you, where you might find some appropriate rectangular ornaments; if this should not be the case, we hope we will at least inspire you with a certain ornament to make a similar one on your own. The collection will include ornaments of various styles, motifs and degree of complexity. By clicking on each of the ornaments you will get to a page that contains the following:
- a photo of the ornament of a resolution sufficiently high to see its quality;
- a valid license for the ornament;
- links for downloading – 2D CAD (dwg) i vektorske (svg i eps) file formats;
- short text to provide you with information about the ornament the page is devoted to.
When choosing, pay attention to select a rectangular ornament with the appropriate height-to-width ratio, as scaling in one direction will not yield a satisfactory result i.e. the ornament will be deformed.
Vectorized rectangle ornament pattern Vectorized book cover pattern 1 Vectorized dragon rectangle ornament 1
DOWNLOAD: Rectangle ornament pattern DOWNLOAD: Book cover pattern DOWNLOAD:  Dragon rectangle ornament
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
Rectangular ornamental panels   Book of ruth
Rectangular ornamental panels   DOWNLOAD: Book od ruth (Book cover)
Morocco leather
Bound by Michel Marius, 1880
Decorative ornament 1 Inlay ornamental design 1 Title page decorative ornament 1
DOWNLOAD: Decorative ornament 1 DOWNLOAD: Inlay ornamental design 1 DOWNLOAD: Title page decorative ornament 1
The Art of Bookbinding by Joseph William Zaehnsdorf 1890 Old book cover 1 Typographic ornament 1
DOWNLOAD: Book cover pattern
The Art of Bookbinding by Joseph William Zaehnsdorf 1890
DOWNLOAD: Old book cover 1 DOWNLOAD: Typographic ornament 1
Decorative ornamental panel 1 Book page decoration 2
DOWNLOAD: Decorative ornamental panel 1 DOWNLOAD: Marquetry ornamental design 1 DOWNLOAD: Book page decoration 2
Ornament vignette 3 Panelled design 1 Rectangular ornaments
DOWNLOAD: Ornament vignette 3 DOWNLOAD: Panelled design 1
(modelled on sixteenth-century work)
Rectangular ornaments