Rustic tricycle planter plan

This beautiful rustic tricycle plant stand is great piece of garden decor, but it can be placed also inside your home. On its beautiful wrought iron body tricycle planter has three baskets, where you can put flowerpots and amaze your friends and family with the beautiful sight.

Make the parts by following the given documentation and weld them together. Grind the welded beads to look smooth. Paint the whole structure with the basic preserving color and when it dries out, daub it two times with color for metal. The recommended color is black, because black color gives the impression of a wrought iron to the whole structure and it adjusts well to almost any exterior or interior.

The measurements within this text and 2D documentation are given both in millimeters and inches (in brackets). 

Use various tools and clamps in process of welding, so you could weld the parts together with accuracy.
Rustic tricycle planter plan

Rustic tricycle planter parts list
Rustic tricycle planter plan - Parts list

Rustic tricycle planter assembly 2D drawing
Rustic tricycle planter plan - Assembly 2D drawing

Iron rustic tricycle planter plan ( PDF ) - 4,59Mb; 21 Pages