Funny airplane kids toy plan

Toddlers simply adore pulling and pushing things all the time, and since they manual dexterity is not fully developed, all toddler toys should be sturdy and compact. One of those toys is in our kids airplane toy plan – a classic toy that never goes out of style.

This is a great wooden toy for pretend play with movable parts that will keep the child’s attention for a long time. Since it is compact and perfect for child’s hand, the child can play anywhere whit it. So, you just have to make it and then color it in some lively child-safe colors and your child will have enjoyable moments spent with this airplane toy, and when it grows up, the plane toy will for sure wait the next generation of children in your family. 
Funny airplane kids toy plan

Airplane  toy plan - Parts list
Airplane  toy plan - Parts list
Airplane  toy plan - Assembly 2D drawing
Airplane  toy plan - Assembly 2D drawing