License agreement

When we started this website, its concept was to offer some of the plans and patterns for free, while some other plans and patterns were for sale through our Craftsmanspace store.

As the time passed, we have realized that Craftsmanspace website is our hobby, and in the first place we want to help and offer some ideas to as many people as we can - not just those with the financial possibility of internet purchasing. So we have decided to close the store and offer all of our plans and patterns for free.

As you can see, there are a large number of plans, patterns and 3D models on our website, we spend a lot of time while maintaining it and put a lot of effort into making all these documents, so you could save and use it for various purposes.

All the content in this website (unless otherwise stated) is the copyright protected property of

No portion is to be copied, retransmitted or reproduced in any form, without our  permission.
We do NOT allow publishing of our IMAGES on other websites without our  permission. Licenses are for plans, 3D models and patterns, not for images.

There are a few other rules for using the materials from this website:

1. If there is some copyright stated within the plan, 3D model or pattern (GNU, Creative Common, etc.), the document can be used only with respecting the stated copyright.

2. If you are an individual and you would like to manufacture things for personal use, you can use all the plans and patterns from this website for FREE. Of course, if you would like to support our website you can do it in some of the following ways:

- Send us some pictures of the things you’ve made by our plans or patterns and we will add it to our website. You can also email your personal information (name, location) if you want;

- If you’d like to help the other people with manufacturing things by using our projects please do the following: make pictures of all the steps of your work and assembling the parts of the project, then email the pictures to us with short descriptions and some useful tips about manufacturing. The pictures of your works will be added to our website under your name or pseudonym.

3. If you are company that wants to make a product based on our plans or patterns for commercial use, considering that we spend a lot of time, work and knowledge to maintain this website and make all the documents, we think it would be fair if you consider the following:

- For using plans, please contact us via e-mail.

- For using patterns, please contact us via e-mail.

- For using 3D models, please contact us via e-mail.

- If you wish to ADVERTISE the product made by our plans or patterns on our website, please contact us via e-mail. We offer you to buy space (Banner) on our website for a certain period of time. You can place your ad just on particular pages (if you have made some product by our plan – you can advertise it right next to the original plan on our website).

4. If you have a website and you would like to publish some of our materials on it – please contact us first! We do NOT allow publishing of our complete plans just representative previews. And in that case it is necessary to add link to our website. It is our right not to allow publishing our materials on your website if it don’t match our criteria.

5. If you are publishing company and you would like to publish our materials in some publication – please contact us via e-mail.