Free 2D and 3D CAD viewers

Free solid edge viewer

The Solid Edge Viewer is easy to download and install, and will allow you to view Solid Edge assembly, part, sheet metal and draft files, as well as DXF and AutoCAD DWG files.

Xpresreview viewer

XpresReview is an electronic design review solution that allows you to easily share multiple documents in a collaborative environment. Supported by NX and Solid Edge, XpresReview easily combines 3D CAD models and other associated documents into a single package, so participants in your review process have all the information they need to communicate effectively.

Package files, created using NX, Solid Edge or Insight Connect, can contain a broad range of documents, including:
* 3D models, including Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) * 2D drawings * Microsoft Office documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) * Adobe PDFs * Image Files (e.g. TIF, JPG, BMP) * AVI Movie Files (e.g. AVI, MPEG, WMV)

Recipients of the package can use XpresReview to quickly and easily interrogate its contents. XpresReview includes intuitive tools for:
* Viewing - Navigate 2D drawings and 3D models * Measurements - Check dimensions for 2D drawings and 3D models * Mark up - Use highlights to draw attention to specific areas and add text comments * Section Views - Create interactive clipping planes to view the interior of 3D models.

The files can then be repackaged for return to the originator or the next person in the review process, keeping your projects on time and avoiding late surprises.

Experience the benefits of sharing complete contextual packages of design data with your partners and suppliers. XpresReview is a stand-alone product and, for no charge, gives you the ability to view, interrogate and markup package files. For many customers, the ability to "publish" a package file for viewing with XpresReview is also free. Click here for details.

edrawings viewer

Collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development by using eDrawings™ software, the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases sharing of product design information. Fast, reliable, and convenient, eDrawings files supply accurate representations of 3D models and 2D drawings created with the most widely used CAD software on the market. eDrawings offers unique capabilities like point-and-click animations that make it easy for anyone with a PC to interpret and understand 2D and 3D design data.

Autodesk DWG TrueView 2007

View, plot, and publish authentic DWG files only with Autodesk DWG TrueView. Share AutoCAD drawings easily and accurately among engineers and architects. View and plot DWG and DXF files, and then publish them as DWF files for quick and easy review and markup in Autodesk Design Review. Publish 3D DWF files. Ensure the integrity and reliability of your data. You will always get full drawing fidelity because the viewer is built on the same technology as AutoCAD 2007 software.

MyCAD Viewer

Free SolidWorks / DWG / DXF viewer. MyCAD Viewer is a free viewer that allows SolidWorks 3D models and DXF/DWG files visualization. RMB click on your documents in Windows Explorer, and select Viewer MyCAD to: display the drawing or the 3D model. Manipulate (zoom, pan, rotate, show/hide, animate). Print, modify, suppress or add document or configurations properties. List all references and search for where used documents. In addition, the MyCAD viewer allows you to save your open document in eDrawing format. You don't need SolidWorks or eDrawing installed on your computer to use this viewer.


SolidView/Lite is a free tool for others, within your network, to view 3D files in STL, SVD and SolidWorks formats. They can view, rotate, and print 3D images from these formats including those you and others have made using SolidView/Pro.

STP Viewer

STP viewer is a professional tool for viewing CAD models with excellent speed and quality. STP viewer boast a very user-friendly interface for non-technical users while providing full range of tools for navigation and analyzing the 3D object. For advanced users of this kind viewers there are most of the known command as on any STP viewer, and for beginners and non-technical users there is a help, and explanation on every tool how to use and what that tool do while using STP viewer. The very interesting feature in STP viewer is tree view where you can see all markers that are used in 3D object. You can easily hide or unhide them and see all object part by part. With STP viewer except zooming and panning you can see the object in 2D in any of the 4 sides (top, bottom, left, right), you can add shade to the object to see how will look like as an real object or to see only wireframe. STP viewer also allow changing color of wireframes or shade of 3D object.

AnyCAD viewer

AnyCAD Viewer is a free 3d model viewer, which supports many popular 3d file formats, such as 3ds, stl, iges, step, skp, dae… and more and more formats will be added.