Free 3D printing software

List of free and open source 3D printing software available for downloading on the internet. 


If you have a 3d printer, you need to feed it with data. The typical workflow is as follows:
- Create a 3d model or get it from the internet.
- Arrange one or more models on a virtual print plate.
- Slice the  the models into thin slices and compute a path for printer head. This is done by a slicing software, which converts the model into g-code, the language your printer speaks.
- Check the created g-code for errors and printability.
- Send the g-code to your printer or copy the code to a sd card, which you can insert into your printer.
- Monitor your printer.
Repetier-Host is the ALL-IN-ONE SOFTWARE SOLUTION for your printer. Except for point 1 the host offers everything you need. As you will see, the host interface offers different tabs to guide you easily through the workflow – 3d printing has never been easier!


To help bring any 3D creation into the real world, there’s one small but vital step that needs to be taken – it needs to be converted into a Gcode file that your Ultimaker, or any other 3D printer, can read. That’s where our 3D printing software Cura comes in.
Cura prepares your 3D file in the blink of an eye whilst intelligently assessing any areas that need attention. Once done, powerful 3D virtual previews allow you to fly in and around your design, so you can check everything is as you’d like it to be. It is equipped with default profiles that will do the math for you, or alternatively allow you to open up the hood and go full throttle with the advanced settings. When you are ready you can save your prepared Gcode file on your SD card, plug it in your Ultimaker to start your print.
Developed through open source collaboration, Cura is not only the most advanced 3D software around – it’s free too. 


Slic3r is the tool you need to convert a 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer. It cuts the model into horizontal slices (layers), generates toolpaths to fill them and calculates the amount of material to be extruded. 
The Slic3r project was born in 2011 within the RepRap community as an effort to provide the growing 3D printing technology with an open and flexible toolchain.  
Slic3r is based on a community of people working collaboratively on GitHub, discussing new features and testing them. It's being used by thousands of people all over the world, and there are more than 500 forks of it. It's a non-profit project. 3D printing became a business since the RepRap community was born, but we want to keep 3D printing free, and Slic3r will always be an independent project, not driven by any business or single vendor. 


ReplicatorG is a simple, open source 3D printing program.
This is the software that will drive your MakerBot Replicator, Thing-O-Matic, CupCake CNC, RepRap machine, or generic CNC machine. You can give it a GCode or STL file to process, and it takes it from there. It's cross platform, easily installed, and is based on the familiar Arduino / Processing environments. ReplicatorG is used by thousands of MakerBot Operators, and has printed tens of thousands of 3D objects and counting. 


Skeinforge is a tool chain composed of Python scripts that converts your 3D model into G-Code instructions for RepRap. 

RepSnapper is an alternative host software for controlling the RepRap open source 3D printer.
It is completely written in C++ and thus should be faster than all the scripted slicers out there. It has some unique features while others are still missing, and it has bugs.


X2SW is the host software toolchain bundle for RepRap 3D Printers. Essentially it is a collection of the open source tools packaged together. The included tools are modified for better interaction with dual extruding RepRap machines and each other. You can find the downloads and additional information on the X2SW wiki pages.
The latest version of the X2SW software bundle combines two the most popular at the moment slicers (Slic3r & Skeinforge) and Printrun printer interface software. It might be used in a binary form (self-contained, no need to install dependencies) or run from sources. The installer for Windows can do all the work (including Arduino drivers pre-install) to get a MS Windows PC ready for driving a RepRap 3D printer.
The x2Profiler tool included in the package helps to download the configuration files for the priner. The configuration files come from the online or local repository. Storing the profiles in the online repository allows for the experienced RepRap printer operators to share their profiles with the rest of the community.
The X2SW bundle also contains the X2SW Merge tool capable of merging Skeinforge-generated "penultimate" g-code for two objects into one file for dual extruder printing of multi-color objects or objects made of different materials.


MatterControl is a free software program developed by MatterHackersto control RepRap 3D printers. It enables users to organize and manage the printing process. It is currently in beta and available for downloadon Windows (XP+) and Mac (OS X 10.7+). A Linux version is in development.
The program includes:
a 3D viewer with the ability to rotate, scale, and mirror designs
a 2D viewer to examine the individual layers of a sliced design
a Print Queue to manage large projects
a library enabling users to organize, search, and manage their design files
a quick printer connection wizard and dropdown list for managing multiple 3D printers
a feature for Automatic Bed Leveling
the ability to switch between slicing engines, including MatterSlice CuraEngine and Slic3r
a terminal to view and edit G-code

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