Free CAM Software


G-Simple is a simple free CAM program for 3 Axis Machining Centers.

Main Features
    - Center drilling, drilling, drill finishing (chamfer)
    - Thread tapping and milling
    - Line and arc engraving
    - Text engraving
    - Cylindrical, rectangular or arbitrary shaped pocket milling
    - Cylindrical, rectangular, polygonal or arbitrary shaped object milling
    - Finishing quality selectable for whole project or any single project part
    - Tool holder with up to 99 tools
    - Relational tool data base with tool data (speeds, feed rates, etc) related to block material
    - Tools in toolholder automaticaly (manual override) attributed to each task
    - Milling parameters individually selectable for every entity
    - Elementary CAD for arc, circle and line drawing
    - Drawing to milling object conversion (Object decomposition)
    - Object to drawing conversion (Object composition)
    - Move, copy, multiple copy, turn, scale and mirror commands
    - Compilation report
    - Configurable postprocessor (may also be used independently of GSIMPLE)
    - 3D Wire Frame Graphics screen
    - 3D on screen animation (Run, Pause, Single Step)
    - Report printing


CamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files or its own internal geometry editor. CamBam has many users worldwide, from CNC hobbyists to professional machinists and engineers.
Although in Beta development stage, CamBam currently supports the following:

    Reading from and writing to 2D DXF files.
    2.5D profiling machine operations with auto-tab support
    2.5D pocketing operations with auto island detection
    Drilling (Normal,Peck,Spiral Milling and Custom Scripts)
    True Type Font (TTF) text manipulation and outline (glyph) extraction.
    Conversion of bitmaps to heightmaps
    3D geometry import from STL, 3DS and RAW files
    3D surfacing operations
    Extendable through user written plugins and scripts

CamBam is supplied as a completely free and fully functional version and CamBam Plus which is a commercial version with extra features and functionality.


FreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package. With this product you will be able to import VisualMill 4.0, STL, Rhino .3dm, VRML and Raw Triangle files, run full simulations on your part models and be able to output G code to your machine tool.  The product comes with about 50 pre-built post-processors.
This product is absolutely FREE!  There is no time limit, part limit, post limit, or line of code limit in this product.

Available file imports include:  VisualMill, Rhino, STL, VRML.

    Dynamic Rotate, Pan & Center, Dynamic Zoom, Fit Extents, Standard Orthographic Views
    Cutting Direction (Set Tool Axis Direction)
    Create Box Stock
    Dynamic Parting Plane Specification
    Machine Zero Specification
    Ball, Flat and Corner Radius Mills  tools
    Cutting Speed definition
    Parallel Finishing along X-axis
    Parallel Finishing along Y-axis
    Roughing by modifying Parting Planes
    Toolpath Simulation
    Cut Material Simulation
    Post-Processor Generator
    Post-process to specific controller

Simple2D CAD/CAM

This is the Simple2D CAD/CAM project.

A Simple 2D CAD/CAM application (currently Windows-only) for your Sherline CNC mill (or similar).

    Generate decorative gears
    Text from any vector font (OpenType, most Windows fonts, etc)
    Simple pocketing operations (circles, rectangles)
    Geometry mode builds more advanced shapes from line and arc segments
    Arc segments are drawn endpoints-first for easy freehand use
    Tool path generation inside/outside geometry by tool radius
    Unlimited layers
    Unlimited tool definitions
    Define components and reuse them in your design
    Can show the Sherline mill table and tooling plate as references
    The display uses the actual NC code, so you get what's on the screen

This project is BSD licensed.

Enhanced Machine Controller - EMC

The EMC2 team now has a brand new custom Live-CD  based on Ubuntu 8.04 with emc 2.2.x included, that will let you try out EMC2 before installing, and it's also the easiest way to install Ubuntu and EMC2 together.

About the software

EMC (the Enhanced Machine Control) is a software system for computer control of machine tools such as milling machines and lathes.

EMC is free software with open source code. Current versions of EMC are entirely licensed under the GNU General Public License and Lesser GNU General Public License (GPL and LGPL)

EMC provides:

    a graphical user interface (actually several interfaces to choose from)
    an interpreter for "G-code " (the RS-274 machine tool programming language)
    a realtime motion planning system with look-ahead
    operation of low-level machine electronics such as sensors and motor drives
    an easy to use "breadboard" layer for quickly creating a unique configuration for your machine
    a software PLC programmable with ladder diagrams
    easy installation with .deb packages or a Live-CD

It does not provide drawing (CAD - Computer Aided Design) or G-code generation from the drawing (CAM - Computer Automated Manufacturing) functions.

    It can simultaneously move up to 9 axes and supports a variety of interfaces.
    The control can operate true servos (analog or PWM) with the feedback loop closed by the EMC software at the computer, or open loop with "step-servos" or stepper motors.
    Motion control features include: cutter radius and length compensation, path deviation limited to a specified tolerance, lathe threading, synchronized axis motion, adaptive feedrate, operator feed override, and constant velocity control.
    Support for non-Cartesian motion systems is provided via custom kinematics modules. Available architectures include hexapods (Stewart platforms and similar concepts) and systems with rotary joints to provide motion such as PUMA or SCARA robots.
    EMC runs on Linux using real time extensions. Support currently exists for version 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels with real time extensions applied by RT-Linux or RTAI patches.


The CncSimulator provides you with one of the most advanced yet easy-to-learn free CNC Simulation software on the market. It has full 2D and 3D simulation of both turning and milling machines. With the CncSimulator you have the perfect tool for both industrial simulations as well as for training!
Some of the CncSimulator's capabilities:

    Plug-in interface for developers.
    Simulation in 2D and 3D of both mill and lathe nc-code.
    3D Block graphics.
    Advanced NC Editor, complete with machine communications.
    Simulation of machine time to aid in the calculation of costs etc.
    And a lot more...

We will provide you with a full sharp license for free as long as you keep coming back to our site once in a while, fair enough? When you register as a user of CncSimulator we will mail you a link to a "petrol file". It will let you use CncSimulator completely free of charge during 3 months. After this period the only thing we ask you to do is to return to our site and download a new petrol file, for another 3 months and so on.