The spokeshave is used principally to smooth curved surfaces. It may be drawn toward or pushed away from the worker, whichever is more convenient.

By means of thumb screws the blade may be adjusted to take light or heavy shavings. The shortness of the bed allows it to conform to the shape of the curve.

Spokeshave shaping hand tool

The spokeshave is practically a short plane with handles at the sides, and in using it the aim should be, as with the plane, to secure silky shavings of as  great length as the nature of the work will allow.

The forming of a hammer handle is a good illustration of the kind of work it will do.

The spokeshave is a simple, practical, and easily managed woodworking hand tool. It is made in several sizes, and the iron may have a straight edge, or one which curves outwards. The former is more common.


Half round spokeshave

Half round spokeshave


Half round spokeshave - How to use


Chamfer spokeshave

Chamfer spokeshave


Chamfer spokeshave - How to use

Convex curves

Push the spokeshave down each side from the center.

Spokeshave use - Shaping convex curves


Concave curves

Push the spokeshave down toward the center from each side of the curve

Spokeshave use - Shaping concave curves


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