This collection of laser cutting projects was created when we realized that there were many projects on our site suitable for laser cutting (scattered in many different categories, though).

Free laser cutting projects

In this way, we enabled the owners of laser cutter machines to access these projects very quickly, so that they could choose the right one(s) and engage their machines. Laser cutting projects are available in vector .svg file format and 2D CAD (.dwg and/or .dxf) file formats. Nowadays, any software used to prepare files for feeding into a laser cutting machine can import at least one of the above file formats, so hopefully you won't have any major problems in your work.


With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and convenient book stand.

Here you can find plans for several simple bottle openers designed like key fobs, so you can easily add the key ring and make practical key tag.

If you like fixing things around the house, and your child or grandchild goes to primary school, why don’t you make them happy with an childs homework desk.

Here you can download a plan for making a Collapsible backyard seating set. The complete seating set is made from 32mm thick plywood.

The collapsible stool, the plan of which you are  offered here,  is very handy for anyone who needs a reliable stool that can be quickly disassembled to save space in the house or during transportation.

On this page you can download 3 plans that can help you make wooden collapsible stools with storage compartment.

Here you are offered a free laser cutting project according to which you can make a collapsible storage box.

Here is a free project to help you make several varieties of beautiful and very practical footstools adorned with scroll saw legs.

The essence of haberdasher’s problem is how to cut an equilateral triangle into four pieces that could make a square.

With this simple free project you can make a Heart dissection puzzle, a perfect way for kids to spend quality time.

By our plan you can make a pen holder in the shape of a hedgehog. It can be a nice gift for any child that goes to school.

The hobby horse is one of the oldest known toys. In our hobby horse plan we presented two versions of this old folk toy.

On this page you can download the plan for making simple collapsible boxes. The plan includes drawings for making 1- and 3- compartment boxes.

In various books and internet websites you can find a puzzle called Impossible area puzzle.

Here you can download a free laser cutting project for making a knock down patio chair.

If you want to make the simplest possible coffee table that is also collapsible, here you are presented with such a construction.

On this page you can download the plan for making knock down dog house, a pleasant home for your four-legged friend.

If you have a CNC laser cutting machine and want to make this fretwork corner shelf, on this page you can download all the necessary files for its production.

This is a collection of plans for making lesser known dissection puzzles, but no less interesting ones.


Here we have presented three versions of the oven rack push pull stick, which you can also easily cut by hand using a copy saw if there is no scroll saw or laser cutting machine available.

On this page, drawings are available for you with the help of which you can make an essential tool in painting – the painting palette.

On this page you are offered two simple laser cutting projects for making portable extension cord organizers.

With this free project you can make a Rhombic blocks dissection puzzle, easy to make and interesting to solve.

In order to help all those who need to make a new handle or replace a poor quality handle on their saw, on this page we offer you 32 templates for various types of saw handles.

This is a plan for a very nice box the parts of which are made by scroll saw technique. Interesting project for your laser cutter.

With the woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and cheap chandelier.

On this page you can download free laser cutting project for making a Scroll saw corner shelf.

Fans of scroll saw and laser cutting can find patterns on this page with which they can make uniquely beautiful and unusual wall shelf.

On this page we present to you an interesting educational toy that you can make for your child. We called it the ‘shape matching board toy’.

With this simple project you can make a Shape sorting cube toy, a must-have for every child.