Shape sorting cube toy plan

With this simple project you can make a Shape sorting cube toy, a must-have for every child. Each parent wants to offer to his child the best available thing there is and in the field of toys, the learning toys are right toys for them, because while playing children are practicing visual perception, hand–eye coordination and other motor skills.

This plan was previously called Shaped box toy plan. We completely redesigned old plan and named it Shape sorting cube toy plan. Date: 23-10-2019


Shape sorting cube toy plan

This learning toy is perfect for children 2-4 years old. Shape sorting cube toy will successfully develop their brain activity when trying to put blocks of different shapes into the shaped box holes. And if you additionally paint this various shaped blocks in different colors, it will additionally help children to recognize colors.


Assembly drawing

Shape sorting cube toy - Parts list


Parts list

Shape sorting cube toy - Assembly drawing


Shape sorting cube toy - Box parts drawings

Shape sorting cube toy - Box part drawings


Shaped block drawings

Shape sorting cube toy - Shaped block drawings


This shape sorting cube toy has 20 shaped blocks. Five of the cube’s six walls have holes for the specific shapes to fit through. Base (Bottom) part is solid, and Top part acts as a lid. The 20 shaped blocks are meant to be stored in the box.

All in all, this wooden toy is valuable item you can offer to your child and since it is durable, it will for sure be used by the next generation of childrens in your family.


Shape sorting cube toy plan - High resolution images


Files for laser cutting

- Shape sorting cube toy - DXF 2D CAD file format

- Shape sorting cube toy - SVG vecot file format