If you are into woodworking, you can make a large number of quality wooden baby accessories; this category of our site is intended to help you with it and to inspire you.

Wooden baby accessories have been used in years, and that’s not accidentally. They are safe, easy to clean, hygienic and they are the first contact between your baby and the nature. To teach your children to play with wooden toys is one of the best things a parent can do in the early phases of child education. Especially if they are handmade, you should pay attention to each detail and you are sure that you have given your baby the best. With wooden baby accessories you will not worry when baby puts them in his or her mouth or when baby chews them while the teeth are growing. You will clean them easily and they will last longer than any other toy.

Since it is not possible to make everything your baby needs by yourself, and to maximally control quality and safety of babies’ accessories, you must buy lots of things. When shopping, it is usually the look and functionality that distract your attention, but do not forget to keep in mind to check quality and safety of all the things you’re purchasing for your baby.


Here is a project that will help you make a rocking baby cradle, a handsome gift, a treasure to keep, or a fine saleable item.

With this free "do it yourself" project you can make a beautiful and durable heirloom baby rattle.

Ring baby rattle in this free project has rounded shape and gentle curved edges, so it will be quite pleasant for your baby to touch it.

The term “baby” is used for the period in a life of a child from the birth until the age of one year. Within this period, in the first month of life, the baby is called “newborn”. After coming out of hospital, newborns adapt to the life outside the womb, and during this period, babies are very sensitive and completely depended on their parents. At the birth, babies have completely developed sense of smell, so they need to be surrounded with pleasant, and first of all, mild, gentle odors. Mild odors enable sense of smell to sharpen. Since baby can smell odor, mother’s body odor causes calmness. On the other hand, we should avoid surrounding baby with strong odor, like perfumes and similar, because they can stop baby’s sense of smell to sharpen. Also, babies can make differences between tastes very well. Hearing fully develops until the end of the first month, although babies can even hear before birth. Because of that, sounds that babies love the most are their parents’ voices; music mother has been listening to during pregnancy, and pleasant sounds of nature and rhythmical, steady, repeating sounds. It will take long before baby can understand words you’re saying, but gentle and mild sound will calm them, and if you speak loudly, the baby will cry. Cry is the first way of communication between you and your baby. Sight develops with time. In the beginning, they can only distinguish changes of lights and contrasts, and with their eyes, they follow the contrasts that move. They can only see sharply the objects at a distance of 20 – 30 centimeters, and everything that’s closer or farther from that is bleary.

Based on all mentioned characteristics, it is very important to spend time with your baby and take care that everything your baby comes in contact with has to be natural, gentle and has to satisfy baby’s needs. By choosing the right things that surround your baby, you will have great influence on baby’s development and later life. You should choose very carefully baby’s accessories. Whenever you can, use items made of natural materials (wood, cotton), rather than artificial ones. If you make your baby’s cradle or crib of wood, protect it with the natural waxes instead of synthetic colors. Choose rattles and toys with rounded edges, simple shape and contrasting and bright colors.

Play with your baby. Your touch and attention are very important for baby’s development. Play helps baby to meet his or her body and world around him or her, and while playing, baby uses and develops his or her senses. Play should not last long, because baby gets tired fast. In the first week of life, newborn sleeps 14 to 18 hours a day, and in the end of the first month around 12 – 16 hours a day. In the first few weeks, newborn will be awake two hours mostly, and after that baby will show signs of exhaustion and need to sleep. With the nerve system development, periods of wakefulness and sleep time will get longer. Nerve system development is very important. Parents should pay special attention to proper development of baby’s senses. To stimulate the senses, place carousel with lively and contrasting colors above baby’s bed. For the same reason, rattles and other toys should have bright and contrasting colors. You should take care that toys for the babies have simple shape, to be easy washable, to not have sharp edges that could hurt the baby, to be without small parts that could fall of and that baby could swallow. Baby reflexively put in his or her mouth everything he or she reaches, so take care that toys and colors on them are made of non - toxic materials.