This category of our website contains office accessories plans for desktops, wall organization, and working space enhancements.

We will try to offer you plans for the office accessories which are functional in daily use and at the same time beautiful, so that you will be satisfied during your daily work in the office. Office accessories manufactured according to our plans are suitable for both company offices and the home offices. Handmade office items can be rarely found today, and their owner this way indicates to his business partners that he takes care of details, that he has good taste, appreciates the quality and strives to be unique and different from others. Office accessories made by our plans can also be a great gift to your co-workers and business partners.

Today’s market offers a wide selection of the office accessories with excellent design, and very easy to make. For this reason we have decided to publish a special category of the projects on our website, where we will be publishing the office accessories plans. The market is stuffed with office accessories made out of plastic and that kind of items are usually the choice for average office desk of a man who does not love his job and has no sense of beauty. Office is a space in which we spend a great part of our lives, so we need to make this space to be nice, organized and functional.

Some of the office accessories plans are very simple and suitable for manufacturing in primary and secondary schools in the classes of technical education. After they manufacture it, children can use these objects on their desks or give them to the parents.


With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and convenient book stand.

We are offering you several business card holder plans. Our plans will help you to make simple and practical card holders for a short period of time and with a small amount of material.

As you can see in the picture, here you are offered a woodworking plan to build a pen and pencil rest,  a convenient and pretty decoration for your office desk.

We present you a Wooden stacking desk trays plan, which you can easily make on your own. Stacking desk trays from our plan contains the three levels, but if you wish, you can stack even more trays.

If you have a lot of ties and no space where to keep them in the closet, these three plans will help you to quickly make practical tie hangers.

On this page you can download the plan for making wooden adjustable paper sorter, an attractive organizer for keeping documents and brochures close at hand for immediate retrieval.

There are several types of the wooden perpetual calendar, and we are offering you plans for the manufacture of two types.


Your office and your desk say a lot about you to your associates and the business partners. The organization of your desk, design of the office accessories and office furniture should always present you as a friendly and organized person with a sense of good taste. Organization of your office and office accessories selection significantly affects the productivity, so during the selection of office furniture and accessories you need to check not just their aesthetic aspects, but their functionality, comfort and the efficiency as well. Office accessories should allow you to sort all the things that should always be at a hand reach and be quickly found when needed; to store a variety of office gadgets, so they would not disrupt the work flow and still to reach for them easily if needed.

The company office or the home office should always be neat, organized and functional. The office furniture must be set effectively and office accessories have to be organized on the table and always at the hand reach. Basic things that you must have in your office are usually the table, chair, shelf, phone and the computer. Apart from these things, the office should contain a variety of office accessories designed to help your work. The basic office accessories are storage boxes or baskets, shelves, waste bins, office desk accessories, lamps, etc. Do not forget that every office should also have some decorative accessories such as painting on the wall, vase or flowerpot with flowers, or other details that will complement the ambient.

You can use many kinds of wood to make the wooden office accessories. Since the office accessories are usually small objects, you can use scrap wood from a workshop in many cases. When selecting wood for the office accessories, the strength of wood is not as important as much is the texture and the ability for the finish. Always select the type of wood – and finish as well – which will match your office desk and the office furniture. For the manufacture you can use walnut, cherry, oak, maple, butternut, ash, beech, but any other wood will be alright. The only thing that needs special attention is that the wood should be well dried and treated with quality sandpapers.

Ergonomics refers to how you sit, stand, posture yourself, and move around as you do tasks. It is important to educate yourself on how to practice proper ergonomics whether you work in a factory lifting and moving objects all day, or sit at a computer in an office or cubicle and spend most of your day typing and writing.

Office ergonomics:

  • Place the phone, keyboard, mouse and other items (office accessories) that you use regularly close enough so that you don't have to strain to reach them
  • Attach the shelves on some height, so the things can be reached easily. If an item is on a high shelf or anywhere that is high enough for you to strain to reach it, use a step stool or ladder
  • When designing your office, respect the basic requirements of the ergonomics. Ergonomics in the workplace is often used to obtain 2 goals: health and productivity.
  • An average office worker spends many hours in the office, so it is very important to have ergonomic furniture.  Some of the damage that can occur will cause serious back pain but can also cause lasting damage to your body for later on in life.