Our playground equipment plans are intended for all the people with good will to make a special children's corner, where the children will spend time together and play, while parents could relax and socialize while supervising children.

Our goal is to publish many equipment playground plans in this category. In time, it will contain more and more plans for the playground equipment, such as swings, slides, ladders, merry-go-round, see-saws and monkey bars and so on. Dimensions of playground equipment in our plans are coordinated with similar equipment on various playgrounds we visited, so they are verified through practice. While making the plans, we always take into account ergonomics and anthropometry. You can make low-cost playground equipment using our playground equipment plans, but anyone who decides to manufacture this kind of equipment should also study well about the playground safety. Playground safety should continue to be a priority for as long as the playground equipment is in use. Regular inspection and maintenance of the play area is essential for keeping the children who use our backyard playgrounds safe through years of active play.

There are several types of common playground equipment: Spinning equipment, sliding equipment, hanging equipment, balancing and climbing playground equipment.  If you plan to make playground on your own, try to combine as many different types of playground equipment as possible.


On this page you can see how to make a horizontal ladder climber, popularly called ‘monkey bars’.

Here you can download a plan for the making of a piece of playground equipment that we have called the ‘measuring worm climber’.

 Here is a plan for making octagon climber playground equipment, a perfect play structure for young children to have fun and play together.

If there are a lot of children in your neighborhood, and the town/city you live in does not restrict you from installing playground equipment, in this plan you will find all the information you need to make such a device.

Download free plan for making the seesaw. The seesaw is a very popular kind of playground equipment and you can see it in almost every playground.

Here you can download a plan for the making of a piece of playground structure that we have called the ‘Tunnel climber’.

On this page we are presenting plans with which you can make 2 versions of the same playground equipment called ‘wave ladder climber’.


A playground is a specially designed place for children to play. It is usually located outdoors, although it can also be seen indoors, and it is designed for physical activity and children's play. Children's play on the playground is extremely important for their development, because it develops social skills of children and improves their ability to participate in the society. On the other hand, physical activity keeps children fit and develops their physical skills, improves children’s development, and by spending a huge amount of energy it is preventing or reducing obesity. Playgrounds help children to develop their social skills, physical coordination, strength and flexibility through the play. If you look at the most common age of children on the playground, you will see that they are preschoolers and grade schoolers, i.e. children in a period of life when there is a strong need for the companionship and when they are motorically  developed enough for this type of play. At the same time, this is the age when children are full of energy that has to be spent. Because of all these facts, kid playgrounds are very important part of the childhood – much more than the pass time game.

Children really enjoy this type of entertainment, because it is all just a fun and game to them. They will use any surface that resembles a playground. Wherever they find a traffic-free area with at least one device that they can climb on – they will gather and play there. Therefore, it is better that these areas are actually designed for the kids playing with an equipment specifically designed for their needs and capabilities, and the most important thing for this kind of place is that it should be safe. Many people are aware of the importance of playgrounds, so besides the public playgrounds built by the city authorities, there are many playgrounds financed and constructed by various sponsors and enthusiasts, or simply by the people from the neighborhood who build playgrounds together on their own. This way they have the pleasure to make something for the community, by building the new place for children to play, and at the same time they tied up some neglected corner in their neighborhood. Many people make kids playgrounds in their backyards, because they believe that it is the safest place for their children.

Playgrounds are an integral part of child development (both physical and social), and it would be a shame not to allow the child to play, just because there is a potential risk of the child’s injury. Modern playgrounds with proper equipment, sets and structures are the places where children have fun, learn, interact and develop. Today, more and more people on the planet live in the big cities, where the living conditions in cramped apartments are not good for the children due to the lack of space, so for the city kids the playgrounds are literally the most important sources of the after-school physical activities. Outdoor playground equipment is found in parks, schools, picnic places, recreation clubs, daycare centers, and backyards.

It is very important to plant trees around the playground to separate the playground from the surrounding, to stop the dust and provide a natural and healthy environment for the play. These trees will also provide shade, so the play will be more pleasant for the children and the playground equipment will not get hot under the sun. It is recommended to set the benches around the playground, where parents will sit while supervise the children, and also the children will be able to rest there or leave their stuff while playing. When designing the playground you should always think about child’s safety, but also have in mind the fact that children will be bored on the playground which will not provide them an adventure and fun.

If you have very small child, and you are taking it on this kind of playgrounds, watch carefully your child, so you could prevent any kind of injury or falling.