Tunnel climber - Playground structure plan

In order for children to grow up properly and develop physically, they have to do various sports and physical activities. In front of you there is a plan for creating a very simple playground structure (climber) that can provide children with an important playful occupation to help them develop both their physical activity and social skills with other kids who play around. There is a large number of companies that produce playground equipment, and one common thing for most of them is that they sell quality products at rather high prices. If you look at the picture, you will see that the building of this playground structure requires the good will of minimum one skilled person, though several people would certainly speed up the work, provided one of them has at least the basic skills in metalworking and welding.
In order to make this climber, you need to do the following:
- purchase the pipes;
- cut them to the required length;
- bend the pipes;
- weld them to each other;
- drill holes and place the 12mm round parts into them;
- dig holes in the ground;
- place the climber in the holes so that it is normal to earth surface;
- pour concrete in the holes and wait for a few days until it sets;
- protect the structure against corrosion and paint with color(s); do not paint the climber in dark colors to prevent it from getting hot in the sun - for this reason, find a suitable spot for it in the shade.
As you can see, there is not much work to build this climber; 2-3 neighbors or buddies can finish it for a weekend. The material is not expensive, and in turn the children will have great fun, and the parents will hopefully better interact with each other while making the climber and watching over the kids during play. Not every toy has to be expensive to make your children happy, and high prices do not necessarily guarantee functionality and quality. 
Tunnel playground structure plan - Parts list
Tunnel playground structure plan - Parts list

Tunnel playground structure plan - 2D assembly drawing
Tunnel playground structure plan - 2D assembly drawing

Tunnel climber playground structure plan ( PDF - 3,38Mb )