We are offering you free plans for the several different types of the hand-held wooden massagers, such as the wooden foot massagers, wooden back massagers, wooden handle massagers...

All of our massagers can be used for the self massage, but also for massage by someone else. The plans are quite simple and massagers can be made quite easily. For their manufacture you can use a various scrap wood from the workshop, and in short period of time, with a minimum of work and very small investment, you can have one practical massager. Since these tools will be in direct contact with the body, it is necessary to sand your wooden massager perfectly. Sanding should be done with several sandpapers with different types of the grits. The surface of wood should become perfectly smooth by sanding, to avoid injuries by splinters. In final treatment of the wooden massager, we recommend that you apply several layers of lacquer.


This home wooden foot massager with rollers is designed by the ancient principle of reflexology to stimulate nerve endings on your feet.

Here you can download 3 drawings according to which you can make 3 different rolling pin foot massagers.

Here you can find free woodworking plans for the several types of wooden back massagers.

Here you can download a plan for making a wooden ball massager, which can often be found under the name ‘4-legged ball massager’.

We present here the wooden handle roller massager plans, which you can make quickly and easily at the home workshop.

Massage is a mechanical treatment of the superficial and subcutaneous tissues, such as skin, muscles, connective tissues, joints, and other - mostly soft tissue and skeleton-muscular connections - in order to improve their function and health in general. The massage attains prompt muscle relaxation, it improves blood circulation in tissues, and the result is reduction of the tension and general improvement of the body condition. During massage, the secretion of endorphin is stimulated, and this results in pain reduction. Because of its healing effects, the massage has been used for centuries in all cultures of the world.

Massage and massagers are often used not just for the relaxation, but for the medical and therapeutic purposes as well. In such situations as post-traumatic recovery, rheumatoid arthritis and various other musculoskeletal problems, the massage is often included in the therapy. It is proven, that massage relieves patient from the chronic back pain more efficiently than any other therapeutic treatment. On the other hand, there are a number of diseases in which massage is contraindicated like the skin infections, heart and kidney failures, phlebitis (inflammation of superficial veins) and several other diseases. If you have some disease, or you are pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor or therapist if you could receive the massage treatment, what type of massage is appropriate for you, and how long it should last. Massage can be done with particular body parts, such as hands, fingers, elbows, knees and feet. Various tools, that are generally called the massagers, can also be used for the massage. The massagers are specially designed tools that complement effects of the manual massage, and they are helping us to achieve the effects that can not be achieved by manual self massage. There are many types of massagers, which can be classified as the hand-held (manual) massagers and the electric massagers. Besides that, there are also massage sandals and slippers, and the professional massage equipment like the massage chairs and tables. There are about 80 to 100 different techniques and methods of massage. Each of them is exclusively planned to achieve some specific effect.

To achieve a proper massage effect, at first you should warm your body and muscles with hot bath, shower or sauna. After that, you should get in the position in which you feel totally relaxed and begin the massage with easy strokes and light pressure. It is very important that the movements are slow, gentle and rhythmic and that they follow the direction of the massaged muscles. After this kind of warming up, you should slowly increase the pressure and intensity of the massage.

Your body will give you the best “answer” if the pace of massage is good – a proper and well done massage will satisfy you and the pain and tension will ease up. The massage session should last about 15-20 minutes, and for the certain types of massage up to 90 minutes. After the massage you should drink plenty of water, because during massage the toxins are released from the tissues, and the water helps to get them out of the body quickly and efficiently.