If there are a lot of children in your neighborhood, and the town/city you live in does not restrict you from installing playground equipment, in this plan you will find all the information you need to make such a device.

We have called it the ‘rounded ladder climber’, and its structure consists of 4 separate substructures. As you can see in the plan, each individual structure consists of a tube bent into an elongated letter U turned upside down, welded together with arc-shaped bars. The difference between individual structures is only in height and number of bars.


Rounded ladder climber plan
Project type
Project difficulty
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for DIY enthusiasts
for intermediate experienced metalworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Welding machine


Each structure is fixed to the ground by an in-ground mounting system at a 90-degree angle to the adjacent ones. Mounted in this way, they form this interesting playground equipment for children to play on. Although the structure may seem simple, playground equipment like this has a great impact on the proper development of the child's body and also on their socialization with other children. By playing together, children learn to communicate with each other, which is very important later in their lives. Nowadays, playground equipment has one more role - to distract children from computers and smartphones. Today's gadgets are increasingly time-consuming for children, and their positive impact on their psychophysical development is extremely small compared to playground equipment.


Exploded view and parts list
Rounded ladder climber plan - Sub-assembly list
Assembly drawing
Rounded ladder climber plan - Assembly drawing

Some of the project variants

Rounded ladder climber - Variant 1        Rounded ladder climber - Variant 2

The best features of such a device: it is inexpensive, quick to make and assemble, without requiring much of your knowledge or experience. In our playground category you can find a few more pieces of playground equipment that you can make if you feel inspired to. Before embarking on the project, carefully examine the plan available to you, provide tubes of proper diameters and the tools needed (angle grinder, tube bender, drill, tape measure, clamps, welding machine…). All parts are made by cutting the tubes to the required lengths and then bending them with a tube bender. You can further trim the ends of the bars (as in our plan) with an angle grinder in order to weld them better. Fix the parts with clamps and weld them together. After welding, process the welds with the angle grinder to make them smooth, i. e., to merge with the structure. Paint the structure with primer paint first to protect it from rust, and then with some metal paint. It is also easy to install; all you need to do is dig holes and place the structure at a right angle to the ground. In addition, support the structure to stay in this position during concrete clamping. Prepare an amount of concrete corresponding to the volume of the hole dug and pour into the hole. After a few days, the kids can start playing and enjoying everything that this simple welded tube structure can provide for them!


Rounded ladder climber - Variant 1
Rounded ladder climber - Variant 2
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Submitted by Ceh Jan