We are offering you several business card holder plans. Our plans will help you to make simple and practical card holders for a short period of time and with a small amount of material.

Business cards or originally Visit cards exist much longer than most of us think. They appeared in the 17th century, and in that period people used them when they went to visit someone. The card was given to the servant, and he carried it on a silver platter to master or lady of the house. This way, the host knew who came to visit him. If the hosts were not at home, the card served as a reminder on who wanted to visit them. At that time people also felt a need for the Visit card holders.

 Even if nowadays the visiting card practice during the private visits no longer exists, the visiting cards did not disappeared; instead they got another form for establishing business contacts and were renamed to Business cards. Although today more and more contact information are being exchanged via e-mails and web sites, the etiquette of business requires an exchange of business cards during the first formal introduction, and a lack of business card in the modern business is considered as unprofessional. Business cards have also found a wide practical use outside the office. Today, practically each artisan, craftsman and other service providers such as restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, etc have business cards in order to retain existing and attract new customers.


Desktop business card holder plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Basic power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Butt joint reinforced with glue

Business card box: 51mm (2'') x 84mm (3.31'') x 114mm (4.49'')
Desktop business card holder: 44.5mm (1.75'') x 44.5mm (1.75'') x 102mm (4.02'')
Business card stand: 51mm (2'') x 38mm (1.5'') x 90mm (3.54'')
Executive business card holder: 70mm (2.76'') x 38mm (1.5'') x 114mm (4.49'')


Your taste toward stuff reveals who you are actually. The way your office is decorated and your working desk is organized says a lot about you and also gives a snapshot of you to your business partner. Attention given to the details will send a message to your business partners with how much attention you will work on details included in your work. That is why one business card holder on a desk in your office will contribute to the general impression which your business partners will gain about you. Having the business card holder on a desk says that you pay attention on details, that you are neat and that you respect the persons which gave you their business cards. Most of the business cards are not being used frequently, so it is quite convenient to have the decorative business cards holder on the desk table, where you will hold the most commonly used business cards.

Business card holder should suit the office and desk design in color, shape and size. Dimensions of business cards are usually 50-55 x 74-91mm. Business card holder must be in accordance with these dimensions.


Assembly drawing
Business card box plan
Business card box - Assembly drawing
Desktop business card holder plan
Desktop business card holder  - Assembly drawing
Business card stand plan
Business card stand  - Assembly drawing
Executive business card holder plan
Executive business card holder  - Assembly drawing


There are many types of business card holders:

  • Pocket, wall mounted or desktop card holders
  • Card holders can take the form of folder with pockets, different kind of boxes, an old fashioned rottary card holders or card wallets
  • They can be made of wood, leather, metal, plastic, ...
  • Business card holders with single or multiple pockets

The main function of business card holders is to display business cards and to keep the business cards organized, clean and crisp.It is very convinient to have a few business card holders or business card holder with multiple sections, so that you could sort the business cards into groups. First section can keep the business cards of your clients, other section can group the business cards of your potential future partners, the separate one can hold the cards of the partners with similar business...

Business card holders does not serve only to stack received business cards in it, they can also perfectly display your own business cards. By putting your business cards on a place accessible to your potential clients you will allow them to take it and later contact you about co-operation. If you hold your business cards in a tastefully designed holder, they will be more visible, and at the same time will send a message that you are a serious business partner. You can put the business card holder with your cards in the hall, waiting room, on your desk, and any other places, where your potential clients may spend some time.

Business card holder does not have to serve only to hold business cards. You can use it to keep letters, notes, reminders, credit cards and other similar things. At home it can serve you as a holder for the bills, papers with written telephone numbers near your phone, etc.

Business card holder also can serve as a practical promotional gift to your business partners. It has a suitable flat surface to print or carve your business name or logo on it, and if the card holder has a nice design, it could be a gift to your business partners, which they will gladly put on their working desk. It is an ideal way to promote your business.

There are many solutions on the market to keep the business cards organized. Commonly those are folders or plastic holders that can be pretty tasty designed, but they do not suit the tastefully decorated office, in which dominate various wooden details. If you want to have a business card holder equally decorative as well as practical, we recommend that you make it out of wood. For their manufacture you can choose any type of wood that can be easily processed. Due to the decorative appearance, common choices are walnut, cherry, maple and oak.  Also, you can use scrap wood from your workshop. Sanding has to be perfect because it is decorative item. Lastly you can apply few layers of varnish, stain or paint, and in that case it is good to choose some wood which respond well to finishes. To protect your tabletop from scratching, the good idea is gluing a piece of fabric on bottom surface of your wooden card holder.

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