With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and convenient book stand.

Its structure consists of two almost identical parts that need to be cut from a 5-6mm thick plate. The plate can be of wood, plastic or some other material that is available.


Book stand plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for kids learning the woodworking and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Interlocking joint

The finished book stand will have the following dimensions: Height 151mm (5 15/16in), Width 210mm (8 1/4in) and Length 183mm (7 3/16in).


This book stand is designed to hold an open book in a tilted position and has a practical feature to occupy very little space as it can be disassembled after use and put away. The drawing contains all the necessary dimensions to cut the parts. If you wish, you can easily change their shape to create a more attractive book stand model. You can decorate it with drawn motifs, patterns cut with a laser cutting machine, carving patterns etc.

Assembly drawing
Book stand - Assembly drawing
Part drawings
Book stand - Part drawings


This kind of book stand is ideal for holding a cook book/recipes while cooking, exposing exhibits at museums, galleries and fairs or displaying information/menu boards, price lists and the like.


Download laser cutting file formats (.svg and .dxf) - Scale 1:1, Units:mm
Download project (high resolution images)
Download project (3D model)

Submitted by Ceh Jan