On this page we present to you an interesting educational toy that you can make for your child. We called it the ‘shape matching board toy’.

There is a large number of shape matching toys (also called ‘shape sorter toys’ and ‘shape sorting toys’), and there are several plans to help you make them that are available on our site: Shape sorting cube toy plan, Shaped hexagon toy plan and Stacking and sorting toy plan.

Like all shape sorter toys, our toy too consists of a container in the form of a board with pockets of various shapes and parts whose shapes correspond to shape sized pockets in the container.


Shape matching board toy plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Laser cutter

292mm (11 1/2'') x 292mm (11 1/2'') x 26mm (1'')


The object is for a child to fit the correct pieces into their matching pocket on the board. For example, if the child tries to insert a rectangular block in a circular pocket, they will see that it isn't working, so they will have to start thinking which pocket fits the selected block. Logically, the child will try other pockets until they find the suitable one. Over time, they will start memorizing where each block fits and stop guessing. This way they will connect that only the same pocket and block shape can be matched. When your child learns to stack blocks in pockets, try to persuade them to do it as fast as possible.

There are many benefits of toddler shape matching toys:
- they learn to distinguish shapes and colors;
- they improve finger dexterity;
- they improve motor skills;
- they improve problem solving skills.

Usually shape matching toys are intended for children aged between 1 and 4 years. The shape matching toy made according to our plan is a little more demanding and age-appropriate for 2+-year-olds. With this toy, the child not only has to match the appropriate block and pocket shape, but there is always a second block that together with the first one fits the hole shape on the board.


Exploded view and parts list
Shape matching board toy - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Shape matching board toy - Assembly drawing


This is a woodworking plan for a very simple toy and, believe us, it is so easy to make! The blocks based on the dimensions we have given you are easily cut, and the board is the easiest to make with two parts. Cut two square-shaped pieces 292 x 292 x 8mm. Cut openings on one of them and glue it to the other to get pockets from the openings. As you can see, this toy can be made by older children, too, so it is an ideal project for beginners. If you have the time and various leftovers in the workshop, you can make a few and donate them to local daycare centers or preschool classrooms.

Carefully sand all the shaped parts as needed, so the kid could easily put them in the holes, soften all edges.

If you make this toy on laser cutter: Cut the shaped parts twice and glue them together to get the thickness out of the plan.


Download project in PDF file format
Download laser cutting file formats (.svg and .dxf) - Scale 1:1, Units:mm
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan