With this welding project you can make a pogo stick toy, a fun way for kids to play outdoors and exercise.

A pogo stick is a toy which, in addition to giving amusement to children, improves their physiques and nurtures their sense of balance. The pogo stick consists of two poles and its construction is quite easy.


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The main pole (Main pipe (Part 5) + Extension pipe (Part 7)) has a Handlebar (Part 8) at the top and Pedal (Part 2) near the bottom, while the other pole (Piston pipe (Part 6)) has a rubber end cap (Part 4) for jumping off the ground and a smaller diameter, so it can be moved freely within the main pole. These two poles are joined by a spring (Part 11) that is welded to their ends. All the metal parts for the making of this pogo stick can be found in any metal workshop or hardware store. Standard parts can be purchased at specialized stores or ordered over the Internet. Jump height depends on the features of the spring. Springs of similar features to the spring needed according to our plan are found in motorcycle suspension.
It is best to find a spring of similar size as in our plan. If you want to experiment, however, by changing the dimensions in the parts and spring you can make a pogo stick that will enable you to jump much higher. Be careful though, since increased jump height leads to increased risk of injury. Such pogo sticks are intended for older children, do not experiment in this way if your child is too small.
If you can not find a spring of proper length, you can alternatively weld two shorter springs together to obtain the length necessary.


Assembly drawing
Pogo stick plan - Assembly drawing and parts list
Part drawings
Pogo stick plan - Part drawings
Pogo stick plan - Standard parts

 This pogo stick is designed for children weighing less than 50 kg and a height of about 145cm:

  • if you need one for a larger weight, you need to use a stronger spring and increase the dimensions of the parts.
  • if you need one for a larger or smaller height, you need to adjust the length of the part 7 (Extension pipe).


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Submitted by Ceh Jan