In front of you there are woodworking plans (parts drawings, assembly drawing, parts list and exploded view) for making 4 different types of Road roller toys.

The drawings contain all the information you need for the making of these simple but very interesting children's construction toys. We have called them:  Road roller construction toy, Steam road roller toy, Wooden roller compactor kids toy and  Single-drum road roller toy. All the four versions are simple and designed to withstand children's play for generations. They are classic construction vehicles toys that attract the boys’ attention rather than the girls’. You do not need any extensive woodworking skills to make these toys, and you can use tools that exist in almost every amateur workshop.


Wooden road roller toy
Project type
Project difficulty
Simple, requires precision
Skill level
for beginners
for kids learning the woodworking and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint


Road roller construction toy: W 143mm (5 5/8‘‘) x L 232mm (9 1/8‘‘) x H 170mm (6 11/16‘‘)
Steam road roller toy: W 155mm (6 3/32‘‘) x L 231mm (9 3/32‘‘) x H 203mm (8 ‘‘)
Wooden roller compactor kids toy: W 159mm (6 1/4‘‘) x L 219mm (8 5/8‘‘) x H 186.5mm (7 11/32‘‘)
Single-drum road roller toy: W 162mm (6 3/8‘‘) x L 311mm (12 1/4‘‘) x H 220mm (8 21/32‘‘)


Road roller construction toy plan
Road roller construction toy - Assembly drawing
Road roller construction toy - Parts drawings
Steam road roller toy plan
Steam road roller toy - Assembly drawing
Steam road roller toy - Parts drawings
Wooden roller compactor kids toy plan
Wooden roller compactor kids toy - Assembly drawing
Wooden roller compactor kids toy - Parts drawings
Wooden single-drum road roller toy plan
Wooden single-drum road roller toy - Assembly drawing
Wooden single-drum road roller toy - Parts drawings


Kids can be pretty tough on a toy like this, so hardwood is best. The following are some of the common woods used in toy making: Maple, Ash, Oak,Birch, Chestnut, Cypress, Basswood, White Pine, yellow Pine, Tulip, Spruce... Children like wooden construction toys and If you make them from some quality hardwood, it will surely last for a very long time and give generations of children lots of wonderful, playful moments. Once they outgrow playing with them, the road roller toys can become a nice decoration on the shelf in their room. Apply the finish of your choice. All applications of color to toys should carry with it a realization that toys are meant primarily for children and that all paints should therefore be free from poisonous compounds.

Look at the pictures, study the drawings and decide which version to create.  Whatever the choice, we believe that any version of the road roller will provide many hours of quality play for the kids.


Submitted by Ceh Jan