Passenger plane kids toy plan

With the woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and  sturdy Passenger plane kids toy.  As you can see in the picture, this is a modern version of a passenger plane with jet engines and wheels hidden within the hull or the wings.
The airplane measures approximately 259mm (10,21in) long, 270mm (10,63in) wide, and 90mm (3,54in) tall.
We wanted all the parts and the construction itself to be simple, yet solid and compact, so that the toy could last for generations. Unlike the airplane models built from a special construction material - balsa wood - so that they can really fly, children's toy aircrafts can be built from almost any type of wood. On the other hand, you most probably know that children can be rather careless about toys, so if you want to make them more durable, use quality hardwood.
Creating wooden toy airplanes is a very good way to get your kids interested in engineering. With the help of these toys you may also explain to them how airplanes fly, what their parts are, or tell them some interesting facts from the history of flight and the like. 
Before assembly, all parts need thorough sanding to achieve a completely smooth surface. After that, no finish needs to be applied, but if you still prefer to do it, we recommend that you use some oil or child-safe colors. Let the children do the coloring themselves, as this will allow them to participate in the making of their own toys and develop a completely different attitude towards them. These will no longer be just some toys bought at the shops, but the result of their own work and effort, preferably fun as well! 
Children like self-made toys and will definitely feel proud of them to have built  them together with you. Once they outgrow playing with them, the toy airplanes  can become a nice decoration on the shelf in their room.
All toy parts are made of wood and joined together by gluing.
The Passenger plane toy which you can download here contains:
- drawings of each part
- exploded view
- assembly drawings- Parts list
 With these drawings it is easy to make all the necessary parts and assemble a toy. 

Passenger plane kids toy plan - Parts list
Passenger plane kids toy plan - Parts list

Passenger plane kids toy plan - Assembly drawing
Passenger plane kids toy plan - Assembly drawing

Passenger plane kids toy plan ( PDF ) - 1,55Mb; 12 Pages