Rhombic blocks dissection puzzle plan

This type of puzzles was originated from the puzzle family where the pieces consist of interconnected equilateral triangular blocks. Joining of two equilateral triangular blocks together into the rhomboids we are getting the rhombic block puzzle. Joining three of these rhombs into the various shapes we can get nine dissimilar puzzle pieces. The task is to assemble these nine puzzle pieces into hexagon. You can see the two solutions on the picture, but there are more. Try to find the other solutions.   
 Rhombic blocks dissection puzzle plan
Making this puzzle does not require a lot of experience or time. The tools which you will need are a hand saw or table saw and basic measuring and marking tools. Out of the board 13mm thick (0,5in) cut planks 19mm width (0,75in). Use the table saw set or hand saw to cut them at exactly 60 degrees.  Make 27 rhombic blocks, as shown on the picture.
Rhombic block puzzle dimension
Check the dimensions with calipers to make sure that all 27 rhombic blocks are exactly same. Assemble all blocks into the hexagon shape, and check for accuracy of fit. If everything is alright, start to glue three by three rhombic blocks together, in order to form 9 puzzle pieces.
Rhombic blocks dissection puzzle plan - Cutting diagram