Six-piece Burr Puzzles

The six-piece burr puzzles consisting of six notched rods of square cross section, forming an interlocking assembly of three mutually intersecting pairs of rods that are at right angles.
Six-piece Burr Puzzles
Six-piece burr puzzles are the most known burr puzzles. Since there are many possibilities of how to notch each piece, six-piece burr puzzle is a very big puzzle family.


Cassiopeia puzzle plan Betelgeuse puzzle plan Andromeda puzzle plan
Six-piece burr puzzle (with simple notches) plan - PDF, 1.78 Mb, Pages 10 Six-piece interlocking puzzle plan - PDF, 1.51 Mb, Pages 6 Six-piece burr  puzzle (without internal voids) plan - PDF, 1.97 Mb, Pages 7
Aldebaran puzzle plan    
Six-piece burr puzzle (with beveled notches) plan - PDF, 2.32 Mb, Pages 8    

Standard six-piece burr puzzles

Standard six-piece burr puzzles are puzzles that do not have internal voids and consisting of rods with simple notches. There are 25 possible types of rods that can be used in a standard six-piece burr puzzle. Their appearance can be seen on the following picture.

Standard six-piece burr puzzles - Types of rods