Scroll saw wall shelf plan

Fans of scroll saw technique can find patterns on this page with which they can make uniquely beautiful and unusual wall shelf. Our shelf consists of five parts whereby the  two parts (1. Side) are exactly the same and can be made by stack-cutting method. Stack-cutting is the process of placing two or more pieces one on top of another and sawing them at one time. The parts are glued together and connected by tab and slot joints.
Scroll saw wall shelf plan

If you carefully make the scroll saw wall shelf according to this plan, you will get not only a decoration but also a shelf on which you can place books, various ornaments and the like.

The shelf dimensions in our plan are: width 508mm (20in), Height 345mm (13 9/16in), depth 163mm (6 7/16in).

By means of a computer or a copier machine, the pattern for each of the shelf parts can be easily increased or decreased and thus adjusted  to individual needs. To create the shelf, depending on whether you will enlarge or reduce the patterns,  wood  of 1/4in or 3/8in thickness can be used. Suitable materials include hardwood plywood (oak, birch, walnut cherry...) or solid wood (oak, walnur, cherry, mahogany, birch, maple, pine,  poplar...).

How to make the scroll saw wall shelf:
1. Specify overall dimensions of the shelf (width and height).
2. By means of computer (+printer) or a copier machine reduce or enlarge the patterns to get full-size patterns on paper.
3. Select the stock. Use a knot-free wood.
4. Carefully cut all parts to overall size. Lightly sand all pieces with medium sandpaper to remove all tool marks.
5. Transfer the full size patterns to the wood
6. With a scroll saw, coping saw or CNC laser mashine cut out all the pieces.
7. Resand all parts before assembly.
7. The final step is assembly. Begin by dry-fitting all the parts together just to be sure everything fits properly. If everything fits as it should, disassemble, then glue and clamp the components together.
8. Apply the finish of your choice in brand or type.

The scroll saw technique is very popular today. If you want to master it, we recommend that you to find specialized sites dealing with this technique, watch various scroll saw tutorials on youtube or buy a book that deals with the subject of scroll saw techniques. If you do not have the patience to cut out patterns of such an intricate design yourselves, we advise you to scale them to the desired size in 2D CAD software and that  you have the professional cutting service done by a factory disposing  of a CNC laser cutter.
Scroll saw wall shelf plan - Assembly drawing

Scroll saw wall shelf plan - Assembly drawing

Scroll saw wall shelf plan - Cutting patterns (High resolution image: 4500 x 2157)

Scroll saw wall shelf plan - Cutting patterns

Download scroll shelf cutting patterns (dwg and svg file formats)

Scroll saw wall shelf plan (Cutting patterns) - .dwg 2D CAD file format (1.05 MB)

Scroll saw wall shelf plan (Cutting patterns) - .svg vector file format (1.99 MB)

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