Folk art stool plan

Small, easily portable stools are very useful in every household. The folk art stool plan which you can download here contains drawings of each part and an exploded view drawing of assembly with characteristic dimensions. With these drawings it is easy to make all the necessary parts and assemble a stool.

Folk art stool overall dimensions: W 359 mm (14.13 in.) x L 178 mm (7.01 in.) x H 165mm (6.5 in.).  The length, height and width can be changed to suit the purpose for which the stool is intended.

Folk art stool plan

Folk art stool - Assembly drawing, exploded view and parts list

Folk art stool plan - Assembly drawing, exploded view and parts list

This free woodworking project is an excellent choice for the beginner. To join the stool legs (Parts 4) to the central leg (Part 3),  a dovetail joint is advised  because it is one of the strongest joints, but it can optionally be replaced by some of the simpler ones. The leg (Part 4) shape is quite simple and, if desired,  it can be designed in a more decorative way. The central leg (Part 3) is cylindrically shaped. If you want to achieve a rustic design, a branch of an approximate diameter can be used to replace it. If you do not have a lathe, the cylindrical parts can be replaced by octagonal, hexagonal, etc. parts.

Folk art stool - Parts drawings

1. Top

Folk art stool plan - Top (Part 1)

2. Top support

Folk art stool plan - Top support (Part 2)

3. Central leg

Folk art stool plan - Central leg (Part 3)

4. Leg

Folk art stool plan - Leg (Part 4)

To make this folk art stool you can use many types of wood. You should keep in mind that this stool has to withstand your weight, so if you want it to last for long period of time, use some kind of hardwood (birch, walnut, maple...).

The stool can be finished in a variety of ways to suit the furniture of the room where it is used.