We are offering you several plans for different variants of the wooden curtain and drapery tie backs that are cheap and very easy to make.

Curtain and drapery tie back (curtain holder) is one of those little details that make the interior original and complete. Details give life to the interior and often they are crucial things for one space to look nice. Adding a few well-chosen details, simple space can be changed in an area that will exude harmony and good taste. Expensive furniture is not a guarantee for a pleasant atmosphere, but good taste and eye for a detail can – with a small investment – create the space, where you will always feel comfortable, and where you will enjoy.

Wooden curtain tie back is very simple but very effective. You can quickly change the look of your curtains, with the good combination of colors and materials and a little imagination to shape curtains.


Wooden curtain tie backs plan
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If you make your wooden curtain holder out of nice textured wood, it is enough to varnish it to highlight the beauty of wood. On this way you can match the curtain holder with the wooden furniture in the room. If you want to match the wooden curtain tie back with the color of your curtains, carpet, or some other detail in the room, then you can paint it as desired.

You can make the wooden curtain tie back out of different kinds of wood. When choosing the wood, you should at the same time to think about the form of curtain tie back and the material on which it will be used. For thick and solid draperies you can use any kind of wood, but the drapery tie back should have such model and dimensions to encircle drapery and stay firm and not fall down. For soft and thin curtain and drapery materials make the curtain tie back out of some light wood, to avoid pulling down the curtain by its weight. Also, for thin materials you should choose a model that will be able to be adjusted so it would not slip from the desired position.

Our plans should give you an idea and guidelines, since you will have to adjust the dimension of the curtain tie back and select the model to suit the material and dimensions of the curtains, with which it will be used. To determine precise dimensions of your curtain tie back, gather the curtain with one hand on the exact place where you plan to put the curtain tie back and while you hold it, measure the thickness of this way gathered material. Your tie back should be big enough, so you can pull the curtain easily in the opening (one or two times -depending on the model), but that opening should not be much larger, because the tie back will slip off due to its weight.


Curtain tie back - Ring version
Curtain tie back (Ring version) - Drawing
Curtain tie back hairclip version
Curtain tie back (hairclip version) - Drawing
Stick 1 - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 1
Curtain tie back (Version 1) - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 2
Curtain tie back (Version 2) - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 3
Curtain tie back (Version 3) - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 4
Curtain tie back (Version 4) - Drawing
Stick 2 - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 5
Curtain tie back (Version 5) - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 6
Curtain tie back (Version 6) - Drawing
Curtain tie back - Version 7
Curtain tie back (Version 7) - Drawing


During the manufacture you should pay attention to the wood grains direction, to keep the strength of wood and to prevent it from warping and cracking in use. A special attention should be paid to sanding. Sanding of the wooden curtain holder should be perfect to avoid damage and tearing delicate material of curtains during the set up and use.

If you wish to decorate your wooden curtain and drapery holder, you can do a chip carving, additionally carve the edges, paint some images... With just a little imagination, you can make wood curtain holders of different shapes and motifs. For the children's room, you can make curtain tie backs in shape of dolls, animals, butterflies or cars. Curtain tie backs for your kitchen can be done in the shape of flowers, fruits or vegetables, and for the living room in various geometric, natural, or abstract shapes.

We hope that we gave you an interesting idea on how to make nice and simple details that will decorate your home or can be a nice and unusual gift.


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