On this page you can download free "do it yourself" project for the making of a coat stand with umbrella holder.

This plan has been drawn based on an old, forgotten coat stand (or coat rack) found on Grandfather's attic. There are 10 hangers (pegs - 5 coat & 5 hat) for hanging coats, jackets, hats etc. and in the middle there is a ring part that serves as an integrated umbrella holder (umbrella stand).


Coat stand with umbrella holder
Project difficulty
Skill level
for intermediate experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Round mortise and tenon joint

H = 1791mm (70 1/2 in)


In the picture above you can see the coat rack is modeled in 3D CAD software, and the picture shows the original freestanding coat rack that has served us for the development of this plan.  In the original construction the pole is cut in half so that the coat stand can be dismantled, as presented in our plan. This was done because a mono-part pole would be very difficult to decorate as it would require a lathe with a large distance between centers. All the information you need to build this coat stand is shown in the next drawings.


Assembly drawing
Coat stand with umbrella holder - Assembly drawing
Part drawings
Coat stand with umbrella holder - Part drawings 1
Coat stand with umbrella holder - Part drawings 2
Coat stand with umbrella holder - Part drawings 3

The old coat rack had been in family use for decades before it ended up in the attic. During all this time, it kept hanging a large number of heavy winter coats, even in the summer.  This resulted in a small defect in the construction, which you can see in the picture below.

Coat stand with umbrella holder - Deformed

The lower end of the construction, located (lower pole end) at a distance from the ground, eventually deformed due to constant pressure from the weight. Please note that this happened after many years of use and that the coat rack served its purpose really well. For normal use, this construction is certainly a quality solution.

To make your coat rack durable, use hardwood (ash, walnut, cherry, maple, oak ...). All its parts, except for the ring part, are joined together with a round tenon and mortise joint. The ring can be attached with the help of dowels or wood screws.


Coat stand with umbrella holder - Deformed
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Submitted by Ceh Jan