With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a nice and cheap chandelier.

Wall shelves are inevitable addition in each room of the home. They save space, displays things with the special meaning and value and in the same time they provide an efficient home organization. This simple wooden wall shelf with pegs has that special, rustic look, and it can be just the shelf you needed for the kitchen as a spice rack, mounted on a convenient place in the kitchen to keep spices organized and accessible for the cook. In the same time, the pegs will be just great to hang an oven gloves.


Wooden wall shelf with pegs
Project type
Project difficulty
Simple, requires experience
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Applied woodworking joints
Keyed mortise and tenon joint
Open tab and slot joint

This shelf, when completed, takes up a wall space 952mm (37.48'') wide by 360 mm (14.17'')  high, and extends out 160 mm (6.3'').

If you want to build a shelf according to this plan, you will have to use a lathe as far as pegs are concerned. Of course, it is easier to buy the pegs as there is a variety of them made of wood and metal offered at the shops. This may not be such a bad idea because you will be able to choose the pegs that you really like.

You can change the shelf dimensions to accommodate your needs and the place in the room, and if you want to improve the design, the simplest way would be to pay some attention to redesigning the upper back part.

If you want to have a durable and solid shelf, we recommend that you make it from some quality hardwood with nice texture so that it looks nice after finishing. If you, however, decide to build the shelf to your desired size and from wood of lower quality, do not make it too wide so as to avoid sagging under the weight of the objects you put on it.

Although the beauty of wood is universal, this is not a shelf for modern interiors (e.g. dominated by IKEA furniture), but for old-style interiors where all the pieces of furniture are of rustic or vintage design.  

If you want to install coat hooks instead of wooden pegs, you can find a collection of drawings to help you do it right here: Coat hooks drawings.


Exploded view and parts list
Wooden wall shelf with pegs - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Wooden wall shelf with pegs - Assembly drawing
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Submitted by Ceh Jan