With the free furniture making project that you can download on this page you can make beautiful gateleg table (thousand leg table).

Gateleg tables belong to drop-leaf type of tables and were first introduced in the 16th-century England. Nowadays, preserved examples of this table type from the Elizabethan and Jacobean era can be found with collectors and in museums. In other words, this is a table of vintage design that can easily fit into the wooden interior.


Gateleg table plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Professional (Quality hand tools, power tools and machines)
Applied woodworking joints
Haunched mortise and tenon joint
Corner (mitred) tenon and mortise joint
Drawboring (pegging or pinning)
Tongue and groove joint
Tab and slot joint
Tabletop button fastener with kerf


Folded gateleg table: L: 473,5mm (18 21/32 in.); W: 1067mm (42 in.); H: 752mm (29 19/32 in.);

Unfolded  gateleg table: L: 1340mm (52 3/4 in.); W: 1067mm (42 in.); H: 752mm (29 19/32 in.)


A gateleg table usually consists of an oval top composed of three parts, two of which are leaves (flaps) that can be elevated in a horizontal position or lowered towards the legs. The table structure consists of legs, rails, stretchers and a gate (gateleg support) that can be rotated and its role is to keep the leaves in a horizontal position. There are also double-gateleg tables; they are called like that because there are two gate supports on each side of the table where the leaves are found.

This is a very convenient table, taking up little space when the leaves are down. The leaves can be of various shapes and dimensions. When they are lowered, their length can be up to floor level.

If you are skillful to operate a lathe, you may design the table legs and gate according to your taste or even make spiral fluted legs.

Exploded view and parts list
Gateleg table - Assembly drawing
Assembly drawing
Gateleg table - Assembly drawing


A careful analysis of the parts and dimensions in our drawings will quickly convince you that this plan can be used to design a gateleg table with dimensions and in a style that suit you. Table dimensions can be customized to your needs, the legs can be decorated to your liking on the lathe, the shape of the tabletop can be changed (here it is oval-shaped). Also, the way the tabletop is attached to the table structure can be changed, and even a drawer installed.  You can easily find some inspiring ideas for your design by searching on the Internet - simply type 'gateleg table' or 'drop leaf table'.

Gateleg tables can be made of a variety of woods: Oak, walnut, Maple, Chery...


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Submitted by Ceh Jan