With the  woodturning project that you can download on this page you can make a simple corner plant holder (or corner stand).

There is no home without at least few plants with beautiful flowers enriching a living space. They look especially beautiful if put together on one place. If you provide them good care, they will grow and blossom, but also take more and more of your space each year. And this wooden Corner Plant Holder is just a perfect solution. You can put several flower pots on it – even the biggest ones – put it in the corner and simple enjoy it.


Corner plant holder plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Basic power tools
Applied woodworking joints

Dimensions of the completed plant holder according to our plan are as follows: W 375 (14.76'') x L 375 (14.76'') x H 1292mm (50.87''). 

Although the plan is titled “Corner Plant Holder”, it is actually a 4-level corner stand that is suitable for not only holding flower/plant pots, but various other display or everyday items as well (keys, phone charger, remote control, purse ...), depending on which room you place it.   As you can see in the drawings, its design is very simple and the parts are of simple shape. In order to make it look nicer, the columns (parts 7) have been designed in the shape of turned spindles. In this way, the plant holder is given a touch of vintage appeal.
According to our plan, you are offered a plant stand that is designed to fit into any corner. By following the same principle, other variants are also possible - you can make the boards rectangular, you can reduce or increase the number of boards, change the dimensions, etc. Just study the plan a little, and in no time you will see that the principle our construction is based on will allow you to make a large number of variants of this plant holder (which is essentially a multi-level standalone shelf). Its practicality has been absolutely proven, since it has been used for 20 years in our home - for holding flower pots and as a rack for decorative boxes.

Exploded view and parts list
Corner plant holder - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Corner plant holder - Assembly drawing


Finished corner stand

Finished corner stand

Finished corner stand


The boards are made from plywood whose surface is covered with wood veneer, and all other wooden parts are made of solid wood. When planning which finish to use, take care that your choice matches the interior of the room where the plant holder will be placed. If you change its dimensions, beware of the stability of the construction because a plant holder that is too narrow is unstable and can easily tip over.
We hope that we inspired you with this project, and that you will do it according to our plan or use to create your own, customized plant holder.


Download project in PDF file format
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan