Coat hooks drawings

Today you can buy a wide variety of cheap coat hook models in shops. Therefore, individual manufacturing of coat hooks is not intended for saving money, but for the production process satisfaction itself. On this page you are offered 11 different drawings of coat hook models which contain all the dimensions necessary for their making.
Coat hooks plans

The models are made of metal or wood, and you need only some basic knowledge of metal and wood processing in order to make them. The coat hooks made with the help of these drawings can be rack-mounted and wall-mounted.

If you want to make a coat rack on your own and need a plan for it, please visit page Free furniture plans  on this website where you can download several free coat rack plans. There is no need to copy these designs carefully, once you understand the principle you can simply adjust and alter them to suit your needs. Many interesting variations can be worked out.

Coat hooks drawings - High resolution image