Laser cutting designs

Laser cutting designs

Here you can download a collection of 4 patterns suitable for laser cutting. All four patterns are rather complicated and have a lot of small or thin details so they are not suitable for hand cutting.

Today's laser cutting machines make it possible to cut such complicated patterns very quickly and precisely in different materials. From these patterns, you can make wall decorations, decorate the doors of furniture pieces, or make decorative panels. There are many options from which you can choose, all depending on your imagination. If you think that there is a limitation when it comes to the fact that these patterns are more suitable for laser cutting than manual cutting, then we must say that you are wrong. Nowadays, laser cutting machines are much cheaper than before, so there is a large number of small companies rendering laser-cutting services at affordable prices. In order to do the cutting for you, companies like these will require digitized patterns that we have made available for download here. What you need to do is to let your imagination run wild, figure out what you want to achieve with these patterns, and find a company that offers laser-cutting services. And we promise you, very soon you will be pleased to see the result of our work together! All four patterns come from an old book and are accurately drawn in 2D CAD software, after which they were exported to vector format (since you will be asked to provide either 2D CAD or vector files for the purpose of laser-cutting services).

All 4 patterns are editable, i.e., feel free to import them into some software if you want to make some changes, and then change what you dislike about them. Highly detailed Laser cutting designs. All designs are fully editable, so you can modify them to meet your design specifications. To modify these designs you will need vector editing (Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw..) or 2D CAD software (AutoCAD, Draftsight, Solid edge 2D Drafting...).

All designs are taken from the old book and hand traced in Rhinoceros CAD software.

Laser cutting designs are only for personal use, not for commercial use.  License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

The available file formats are: .dwg, .eps and .svg.

Laser cutting designs - dwg format (431.29 Kb)

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